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Poetic Dogs: portraits of dogs next to famous writers


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Photographer Dan Bannino is aiming to raise awareness of shelter dogs through the “Poetic Dogs” photo project, which consists of portraits of dogs juxtaposed next to portraits of famous writers. The artist is also raising funds on IndieGogo in order to give a helping hand to dogs living in shelters.

Rescue dogs do not enjoy a good life in an animal shelter therefore they need people to adopt them as pets and they will be able to enjoy a life full of love. Photographer Dan Bannino has also rescued a dog from a shelter, thinking that he will change its life. However, Rothko was the one who actually changed Dan’s life.

After rescuing Rothko, the photographer has decided to start a special photo project, called Poetic Dogs, which consists of portraits of dogs juxtaposed next to famous writers. The photo series is also subject to a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGogo, aiming to raise money for shelter dogs.

Dan Bannino juxtaposes portraits of dogs next to portraits of famous writers

The Italian photographer says that, before ending up in a shelter, these dogs have gone through a world of suffering. They have had to endure hunger, loneliness, or even abuse. In spite of all that, they will still welcome any human that comes across them at the shelter.

These dogs will bless a man’s soul, just like writers have done through their works. This is what has driven the photographer to create the “Poetic Dogs” photo project, putting shelter dogs next to famous writers.

The artist has tried to put dogs next to writers that look like them, while trying to mimic the outfit of the writers. The end result is pretty neat and for that we can only give our thanks to Dan Bannino’s amazing vision.

“Poetic Dogs” is now an IndieGogo project, aiming to raise funds for helping shelter dogs

Dan Bannino says that his series is now complete, but “Poetic Dogs” is much more than that. In fact, it has become a crowd-funding project that is aiming to raise awareness of shelter dogs, which would love nothing more than to be adopted by a soul as kind as their own.

IndieGogo is now home to the “Poetic Dogs” project, where the Italian artist wants to raise funds that would go towards helping dogs living in shelters. The photographer would use the money for food and medical supplies for these beautiful and friendly animals.

You can find out more information at Dan’s official website and you can support his cause on IndieGogo.

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