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Polaroid Cube+ action camera announced with built-in WiFi


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Polaroid has unveiled the follow-up to its Cube action camera in the body of the Cube+, which employs a bigger sensor and built-in WiFi when compared to its predecessor.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2014 included the revival of Polaroid, as multiple products bearing this legendary brand were introduced during the event. The list included Cube, a tiny cube-shaped action camera.

This device has had its specs and name changed along the way, but none of that matters right now, as its successor has just become official. The brand new Polaroid Cube+ action camera is here with a new image sensor and with built-in WiFi connectivity.

polaroid-cube-plus Polaroid Cube+ action camera announced with built-in WiFi News and Reviews

Polaroid Cube+ action camera features an 8-megapixel sensor, 124-degree lens, and WiFi.

Polaroid Cube+ becomes official with higher-resolution sensor, WiFi

A new 8-megapixel sensor is available in the Polaroid Cube+, allowing the action camera to record videos at full HD resolution. Users can also shoot still photos at the touch of a button.

As the device does not have a built-in viewfinder, the company has added WiFi capabilities to its specs list. This way, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets can have their displays used as viewfinders.

Moreover, Cube+ owners can transfer files to the Android and iOS mobile devices via WiFi connectivity. There is a dedicated application for the action camera which can be used for editing the files and for sharing them on social networking websites.

Identical shape, new colors, and an August 2015 release date for the Cube+

The shape of the Polaroid Cube+ has remained the same. The new model is still a 35mm-sized camera that fits into your pocket and which can be easily attached to helmets, backpack straps, clothing items, or household products using multiple accessories such as a tripod mount, waterproof case, suction cup, helmet mount, strap mount, and a handlebar mount.

In addition to the three original colors, including black, red, and blue, the Cube+ is available in pink and green colors, the latter being dubbed as a glow-in-the-dark hue.

Polaroid will begin shipping the Cube+ this August for a price of $149.99 regardless of your color choice. The aforementioned accessories will not be free and they will be sold at various price tags through the company’s store.

The original Cube will not be removed from the market and it will be sold for $99.99. One interesting fact is that this version is also getting the pink and green color options, which will also become available in August.

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