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Polaroid Socialmatic Camera sheds prototype status, coming in 2014


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Socialmatic and C & A Marketing have signed an agreement that grants the former rights to develop digital imaging products under the Polaroid brand.

Despite being one of the oldest and most popular camera makers in the world, Polaroid went bankrupt. It could not keep up the pace with other companies and it was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Four years ago, Polaroid went under the protection of its new parent company called PLR IP Holdings. Shortly after that, C & A Marketing signed a licensing agreement with PLR IP Holdings, in order to manufacture and sell products under the Polaroid brand.

polaroid-socialmatic-camera-agreement Polaroid Socialmatic Camera sheds prototype status, coming in 2014 News and Reviews

Socialmatic signed an agreement with C & A Marketing, the owner of the Polaroid brand. The deal will come to fruition in early 2014, when the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera will become available on the market.

Instagram camera rebranded to Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Nothing good came out of that until Socialmatic entered the fray in May 2012. The company revealed an ADR Studio-based concept of a Polaroid camera. It was inspired from the Instagram icon and the company wanted to turn it into an actual product.

However, Instagram and Facebook did not approve of this, because they own the rights over the design. Anyway, following the so-called Memorandum of Understanding agreement between Socialmatic and C & A Marketing, the former should be safe from legal pursuit.

The Instagram camera will be referred to as Polaroid Socialmatic Camera from now on. According to the MoU agreement, the company also has the rights to manufacture and market products like lenses, filters, and camera bags under the Polaroid brand.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera to be released in the first quarter of 2014

Socialmatic CEO, Antonio De Rosa, said that the agreement with C & A Marketing will allow his company to bring the Polaroid Camera to the market in early 2014. De Rosa believes that the camera will spark a new revolution in digital photography, when it becomes available next year.

When it was first revealed, the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera featured built-in 16GB storage, 4:3-format touchscreen, a pair of lenses, optical zoom, an LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, and an integrated printer.

The integrated printer will print recently-taken images just like an old Polaroid camera. However, these will not be the final specifications, as De Rosa announced that more details will be revealed soon.

As a result, stay tuned to Camyx for more news about the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera and other Polaroid-branded products.

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