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Amazing children photography by mother-of-six Lucia Staykov


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Photographer Lucia Staykov is capturing amazing portrait photos of her six children in order to keep track of their childhood and their priceless expressions.

We have featured a fair number of children photography projects on Camyx in the past, but it is very hard not to reveal even more as you can never go wrong with kids as their expressions are simply amazing. Moreover, the creator of this project has a very interesting story, as she is the mother of six children, all of them showing up in her photos.

First came a son, who was followed by twin boys. The youngest of the pack are triplet girls. No, this is not a movie, it is real life and the mother is photographer Lucia Staykov, whose photos are adorable.

Mother-of-six captures stunning portraits of her kids

It sounds like a story taken out of a book, but we can assure you that everything is real. Lucia Staykov has given birth to a boy, then to twin boys, and then to triplet girls.

As any mother, she loves to take photos of her children. She may not have done it from the beginning, but the photographer has picked up her first DSLR a few years ago and she has not stopped taking photos ever since.

She says that the children are offering priceless innocence and expressions, which look great on camera. As a result, Lucia takes a lot of pictures of her six children in order to make sure that she will track their childhood and one day they will look back at these photos and smile.

Lucia Staykov: a fit mother that is specialized in children photography

Photographer Lucia Staykov lives in Adelaide, Australia, where she also works as an outdoor bootcamp instructor and dance teacher. She has recently made the rounds in local papers for being the fittest mother in the country.

The biggest son is named Jordy, who is 12 years old. The twin boys are named Alek and Bailey, while the triplets are Chloe, Lilly, and Mia, who will be 3 years old soon. Whenever Lucia goes for a run to keep herself fit, the six kids will join her mother in the fun.

Now, the artist is specialized in baby and children photography, so she has a special Facebook page where anybody can check out her work. For more photos and details, you can go to the Child Expressions Photography page.

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