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Touching portraits of Boston people before and after bombings


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The recent Boston bombings have affected the entire city and the people in the United States. “Portraits of Boston” website is aiming to prove the contrary with the help of beautiful portrait photography.

Street photography is one of the most popular forms of picture-taking. It can get even better when it involves the portraits of various people heading to work, minding their own business, or simply taking a walk around the city.

“Portraits of Boston” combines street and portrait photography together, creating touching stories

The idea behind the “Portraits of Boston” website is to immortalize the portraits of people living or visiting Boston. The recent terrorist attacks, which killed three people and injured many more, struck a blow on Boston.

The photographer who is in charge of the project takes great photos of passers-by, but he takes it to the next level by providing the story behind the people, as all the subjects have a story of their own.

This website has not been started after the bombings, as the story appears to have begun on March 13, 2013, according to its official Facebook page.

Prudential Tower: a source of inspiration to keep going

The photographer says that he has been trying to avoid discussing about the tragedy and that the Prudential Tower inspired him to carry on.

People of Boston seemed joyful before the tragedy, but this is also valid for the period after the attacks,  as there are small chances that the incidents will divide the city one way or another.

“Portraits of Boston” photographer mentioned that he was very close to becoming a victim of the bombings, therefore it is safe to assume that he was present at the event, enjoying the iconic marathon.

Boston will not bow down anytime soon to anybody trying to ruin its spirit

The most recent photos are said to have been captured after the Boston bombings and they are showing that the citizens are generally happy. Some say that it is the Boston effect, as the city is simply captivating.

Well, it is always better to see the good side of people and, instead of complaining about the past, we should learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes again.

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