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Prankster asks if he can Instagram strangers’ food


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Youtube channel “Hungry” is acknowledging the Instagram food photo overdose, with a twist. What if there was someone so obsessed, that he started requesting strangers for snapshots of their food?

They sent a team of clever volunteers to test this out, with surprisingly rewarding outcomes.

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The “victims” were usually amused by the prank, especially when an assistant stepped in to help with lighting.

There are still unfortunately serious debates going on, whether food pictures have reached “too much” on social media platforms. At least, as opposed to pictures of babies, food browsing is something everyone can relate to.

Art directing strangers with their foods

Taking into account the high Instagram competition for cuisine shots right now, if someone decides to upload a photo of his food, it’s probably worth it. Though, thankfully there are plenty of trolls who mess around with social expectations.

Such a case is represented illustriously in this video, commissioned and filmed incognito by youtube channel Hungry. Instead of sticking to his own plate, a guy asks random strangers if he can Instagram their food, to surprising results, of course.

A lot of people willfully agree, recognizing the playful ingeniousness of his undertaking. They even let themselves be art directed, holding food in the frame. Some even accept requests for busting out “hang loose” hand signs.

If the initial request wasn’t enough, things get even more awkward and absurd when the “hero” calls for his assistant, additionally bouncing or back-lighting the scene.

There’s a couple of “no’s”, for good measure, the most funny being a deadpan getaway.

The restaurant debate has toned down

High-end restaurants are still very up-tight about guests taking photos of their food. While this case is somewhat understandable, due to recipe secrets and unique food design, at the beginning of the year a lot more businesses jumped on the bandwagon and banned food snapshots.

In the meantime, restaurant managers have realized that a reputation is always in the public’s hands and began to recognize the promotional value of a satisfied customer’s Instagram account.

Considering that a lot of people can’t even process a menu, unless it’s in pictures form, “food porn” is here to stay. Arguably, the advent of tasty looking plates can increase food quality even more.

And, as a Japanese saying goes – food is eaten firstly with your eyes”.

Ideally, this overdose of food snapshots will trigger a different kind of debate, of food access in the world’s less privileged regions.

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