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Burnt Edges Free Photoshop Actions


Are you looking for a great way to focus attention on your subject? Give this free Burnt Edges Vignette Photoshop action set a try.

Two different vignetting styles made for both high and low resolution images.


To use this MCP Product, you must have one of the following software:

Photoshop CC Creative Cloud, Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS

This Photoshop action set includes:

  • Burnt Edges I – high res
  • Burnt Edges I – low res
  • Burnt Edges II – high res
  • Burnt Edges II – low res
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  1. Rebecca

    LOVE! I use MCP’s burnt edges ALL THE TIME. I love how easy it is to add, adjust opacity, increase/decrease the burning. FAB!

  2. Sheila Carson Photography

    LoVe Burnt Edges! MCP Burnt Edges is a must have for sure! I use this action on most of my photos. It adds just the right amount of vignetting and allows me to adjust the opacity so that I get the perfect effect every time! I can’t believe it’s free!

  3. Jenny

    This is a great action. I love how it adds a vignette to my photos and allows me to adjust to my taste.

  4. Laurie

    So easy to use! I use this action all the time when I want a vignette. It’s so easy to use!!! You can’t go wrong with this action. Thanks, Jodi!

  5. Art Portraits

    favorite vignette action – Absolutely the best vignette action I’ve found. Use it daily. Thanks a million!

  6. Stacey

    LOVE THIS! I use this all of the time “ñ much better and easier to use than some of the others that I have.

  7. Elaine

    This is awesome! I fell in love with this product as soon as I used it. It is so easy to use. Now I’m checking out the other products that are available, and I am making a wish list!

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