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Free Facebook Timeline Cover Templates for Photoshop and Elements


With all of the Facebook changes recently, it’s hard to keep up and it can cause major headaches for photographers.

The latest change is the Facebook Timeline. Using MCP’s new Facebook Timeline Cover Templates you will never struggle with what to place at the top.

MCP Actions has created eight unique, fully-customizable Photoshop Timeline Cover Templates. Photographers can use these templates to display pictures on their personal page, blog, or elsewhere on the web.



They are easy to use. Watch the video tutorial now. Just pick your picture(s), adjust the size and BAM! You have a timeline cover that all your friends will envy.

Download the FREE Facebook Timeline Cover Templates and start decorating your personal Facebook Page.

Compatibility: The .PSD templates work in Photoshop and Elements. They are not actions. After downloading make sure to watch the video to learn how to add photos and customize. Have fun and make sure to share your creations on the MCP Facebook Page Wall.


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  1. Marit Welker of Welker Photography

    I LOVE these easy to work with templates!Great variety, simple styles that add to your business and don’t detract from your message with too much detail and “design”. They support my statement and with this many to choose from, I get to change them around often to bring variety to my page (think google on holidays)Thanks so much for making these available! Love your work and you help me to improve and showcase mine! MCPACtions, You ROCK!

  2. Heidi

    Wonderful tool that I have used so many times! This template is great”ñI’ve used it for my personal page was well as for my work, and it’s never failed me! I love the versatility and the great videos that accompany it. People have asked me how I do timelines so easily and I’ve passed the secret on 🙂 Thanks so much for doing such a great service to all of us and for putting up templates like this that we can all use! You are amazing!

  3. Billie

    Brilliant! Easy to use and great selection of layouts!

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