MCP™ Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets


The MCP™ Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets is a professionally collected group of 80 premium presets that is specifically designed for portraits.

Clean up, enhance, and get creative with your studio portraits and on location shoot. Portrait Pro contains customized versions of presets for RAW and JPEG format photos.
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Compatible with:
Lightroom 4 -6
Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud)

Product Details

Why you need the MCP™ Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets:

80 Premium Lightroom Presets. Each preset has two versions. One for RAW and one for JPEG. This way whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG, Portrait Pro can handle it.

Category breakdown:

ART: Add some spice and creative boost to originally photos.

  • Blue/Gold Plate
  • Old Plate
  • Pop Art
  • Sepia High Key
  • Sepia

BLACK AND WHITE: Looking for classy or edgy?
The black and white presets have what you need.

  • Details
  • Edge
  • Fitness Dramatic
  • Ghost
  • Mellow
  • Portrait Pro

CONTRAST: Need to bring out the edges and get shadows nice and tight?
Contrast will give you the cutting edge.

  • Beauty Glow
  • Commercial Edge
  • Commercial Touch
  • Darken Tones
  • Darken
  • Edge and Natural
  • Edge Enhance
  • Enhance
  • Magic Hour 1 and 2
  • Portrait Boost
  • Portrait Enhance
  • Portrait Pro

DARK: Every take a great shot but the lighting was way too dark?
Standard editing proves tedious and destruction. Time to get pro.

  • A bit more sunny
  • Brighten and Dark Hues 1 and 2
  • Brighten and Edge Enhance
  • Brighten and Glow
  • Brighten and Pop
  • Brighten and Saturate
  • Brighten and Vibrance
  • Brighten and Wash
  • Brighten Hi-Def
  • Brighten Portrait
  • Closeup Brighten
  • Cold
  • Portrait Pro
  • Studio Brighten and Clean
  • Subtle Boost
  • Vibrance Less
  • Vibrance
  • Wash and Cool
  • Wash and Edge

DETAILS: A picture tells a story.
The stories have all the details. Pro clarity will add depth and distinction to your photos.

  • Boost
  • Brighten and Saturate
  • Commercial Touch
  • Cool Winter
  • Cool
  • Darken and Clarify
  • Darken
  • Edge Boost
  • Edge
  • Extreme
  • Fall
  • Lift Blacks
  • Outdoor UV Filter
  • Vibrance Pop

PROCESS: Process presets give a whole new life to your photos.
Clean and professional adjustments for the photos that you just need a little more of a boost.

  • Autumn Brighten
  • Brighten and Soften
  • Cool Glow
  • Cooling
  • Dramatic
  • Fashion Edge
  • Fitness Dramatic 1 and 2
  • Muted
  • Nice Boost
  • Outdoor Portrait Boost

VIBRANCE: Tune in and boost the colors of your photos.
Remove the dreary day shots and let the sun shine with these vibrance presets.

  • Brighten and Boost
  • Brighten
  • Cool Wash
  • Depth
  • Edge Boost
  • Fashion
  • On Location 1 and 2
  • Tone and Edge

Designed in Lightroom CC

Portrait Pro is organized to help you get a desired result fast. Separated into categories like CONTRAST, DETAILS, DARK, etc. Portrait Pro is a fast, easy professional solution for your portrait photoshoots.

These presets will work in any of the Lightroom versions listed in the drop down box. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Lightroom, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.

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MCP™ Portrait Pro Lightroom Presets