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Newborn Photography: The Online Start to Finish Workshop


So you’re ready to take your newborn photography to the next level. You want to learn the secrets to perfect posing and master those dreamy, creamy edits. But you’re not ready to drop a mortgage payment on airfare and tuition, or you can’t squeeze a workshop into your jam-packed schedule.

You’re in luck. Our popular newborn workshop is now available for download, so you can set your own schedule and improve your craft when it’s convenient for you. Learn transitioning techniques while you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning, or brush up on baby-whispering secrets before your next session. This pre-recorded course puts all the info from our newborn workshop at your fingertips, so you can hone your skills without having to rearrange your life. Best of all, you can watch it again and again; any time you need a quick refresher.


Sneak Peek at the Newborn Workshop – Watch Now!

This one-of-a-kind educational experience includes tips to help you prepare for your newborn sessions: Set up your studio to make sessions go smoothly, learn soothing secrets, prepare beanbag shots, nail those amazing sleepy poses, and transition easily from pose to pose. You’ll also learn crucial safety tips and editing techniques. We cover it all!

Your pre-recorded workshop offers more than six hours of narrated instructional video to help you achieve fantastic newborn images. Photographers at all skill levels can learn and improve from the tips in our workshop, but we do recommend you have a working knowledge of exposure, manual camera settings, and basic Photoshop before you begin.

The Newborn Photography Workshop Includes:

Our popular newborn workshop is now available as a downloadable class, so you can set your own schedule and improve your craft when it’s convenient for you. Learn transitioning techniques while you’re enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning, or brush up on baby-whispering secrets before your next session. This pre-recorded course puts all the info from our newborn workshop at your fingertips, so you can hone your skills without having to rearrange your life. Best of all, you can watch it again and again; any time you need a quick refresher.

This one-of-a-kind educational experience includes tips to help you prepare for your newborn sessions: Set up your studio to make sessions go smoothly, learn soothing secrets, prepare beanbag shots, nail those amazing sleepy poses, and transition easily from pose to pose. You’ll also learn crucial safety tips and editing techniques. We cover it all!

Your pre-recorded workshop offers more than six hours of narrated instructional video to help you achieve fantastic newborn images. Photographers at all skill levels can learn and improve from the tips in our workshop, but we do recommend you have a working knowledge of exposure, manual camera settings, and basic Photoshop before you begin.

Workshop FAQs:

You’ll have a unique opportunity to watch clips from multiple newborn sessions while learning all the techniques necessary to capture stunning newborn portraits. Each video demonstration includes live narration with step-by-step explanations.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up beanbag and prop shots
  • Master infant soothing techniques
  • Read infant “cues”
  • Achieve safe, breathtaking poses
  • Nail your composition in-camera
  • Transition from pose to pose and from beanbag to prop
  • Achieve several different looks simply by changing your angles
  • Pose family members with their new addition
  • Transition between poses and props

Yes. You’ll learn to use MCP Newborn Necessities ™ Photoshop actions (not included) to fix common issues such as:

  • Slightly underexposed images
  • Jaundiced, red, or blotchy skin tones
  • Baby acne and flaky skin

You will also learn basic post-processing techniques for newborn images and how to achieve certain sought-after newborn conversions, in both color and black-and-white.

NOTE: The editing portion is taught in full Photoshop. If you are using Elements, some editing techniques might differ slightly, but you’ll have access to a forum where you can ask other Elements users for tips and workarounds!

We will email you a password-protected download link within 24-72 hours unless we are traveling, in which case, there may be a slight delay.  If you do not receive it within this time, please contact our help desk for assistance. You will need a high-speed connection to access this download.  We may be able to send you a USB drive recording for an additional charge.  Contact us if you are interested in this option.

Anyone can take this class. Photographers with a working knowledge of exposure, camera settings, and basic editing will benefit most.

Experienced photographers, who are new to newborn photography, can apply the skills learned from our workshop into their thriving businesses or just expand their knowledge base.

MCP Newborn Necessities™ Photoshop actions will be used during the editing portion of the class. Tracy highly recommends these, though you do not need them to sign up for the workshop.

Tracy Callahan of Memories by TLC Fine Art Children’s Portraiture has extensive experience in newborn fine art photography. She’s built her Cary, N.C. photography business from the ground up, and her articles have been featured on MCP’s blog multiple times. Tracy is an engaging and spirited presenter with an amazing passion for newborn photography, and she’ll guide you through sessions from start to finish, sharing tips and secrets along the way. In addition to a high-speed connection, you must have 8GB of free space available on your computer, and the ability to watch videos on your computer.


5/5 (1 Review)

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  1. Keskimaki

    Many useful ideas from business to studio set up to posing!!!

  2. Vicks

    Really great and well worth participating in! I really enjoyed Tracys Newborn Photography! Even though the timing was a little late for me being from the UK it was so worth taking the class. Tracy was extremely enthusiastic, you can really tell she loves newborn photography and is very keen to pass on her knowledge and experience with people. I had done a couple of newborn sessions before I took the class and I now cant wait for my next one as all the little tricky things I couldnt quite work out or wondered why I couldnt make the shot work has been explained by Tracy in the workshop. The videos were really helpful and if anyone asked a question it was answered really well and very quickly. I now have a better understanding of lighting positions and also how to pose the baby for various shots. It cleared up a lot of missing information for me and I can not wait to put it into practice! Tracy has also been a great help after the workshop and answered a few more questions that have cropped up! I would definitely recommend it to those venturing into the newborn photography arena. Thanks Tracy!

  3. Larry

    Fantastic Class, Fantastic Instructor! This was a really great class and Tracy is a great instructor. Very easy to follow and open to questions at any time.

  4. Stephanie

    Fantastic value! This workshop is a fantastic value at $350. Tracy holds nothing back as she teaches everything from preparing for a session to editing newborn photos (in a video after the class). She helps everyone get started in the online format and encourages questions. Its a great learning opportunity where you dont even have to leave your home/studio! I appreciate the detailed information and especially the after-the-class online opportunities for even more learning. The groups on facebook give you an endless resource for your business questions. Thank you so much!

  5. Kristie

    Awesome! I was so glad that I took this course! I am a beginner photographer and wanted to get some tips to take better photos. This class provided me with many great tips and tricks that I am totally capable of doing. Tracy is a great speaker and easy to listen to. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience.

  6. Irene

    One of the best workshops Ive attendedThis workshop was so great! Ive been photographing newborns for two years and have never been to achieve certain poses. And I learned about so many and all the little tricks that go with. There is so much that Tracy covers. It is such a plethora of information and she doesnt rush through it at all. She answers everyones questions with details that only someone whos been doing it a long time would know. This really is a start to finish workshop including business, which is something most workshops dont cover. And of course there is continued support and resources when the class is over. I have yet to take another workshop that offers continued support when its over.

  7. Connie

    Tracy really makes the class worthwhile! She is informative, articulate and very willing to take the time to answer any questions. The best parts for me were when she discussed soothing techniques and posing. I do want to do a 1:1 mentoring in the near future, but I will have time to practice what I learned before I do it and I think I will get more out of the training. Im excited to have a Facebook Group to network with in Newborn Photography. Thanks Tracy!

  8. Jenniffer

    EXCELLENT!If you are looking for a newborn class online! this is the best one that it can be! Tracy is so detailed in every single aspect of what you need in a newborn session, she cover every single thing in the book, and if you have questions she makes you feel so comfortable and answer them so kindly, she is clear that you can contact her after the workshop with any question and this is the best part, you get to be in a private newborn photography forum where you can ask and learn!I would HIGHLY recommend taking this class, if you want to become a great newborn photographer this is a must have class! Money great invested!!

  9. Sarah

    So many wonderful tips!This workshop far exceeded my expectations. I had read many positive reviews and was excited to take part, but had no idea how many detailed tricks and tips Tracy would share. Her generosity is incredible, and I left the workshop feeling I had not only learned so much, but also had gained a priceless resource and friend in the business.

  10. Chelsea

    Amazing!Tracy does such a GREAT job, but the learning doesnt stop when the workshop is over, you continue to get help from Tracy and other peers that have taken the workshop as well. Definitely worth it!

  11. Julia

    Awesome!This course was so informative and engaging. It made me want to find a newborn for the next day to start practicing everything that Tracy taught! I am so thankful that Tracy is willing to share her knowledge with people like me who are just starting out.

  12. Megan

    Wonderful for those who cannot travel!I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend a newborn workshop that did not require me to travel. I currently live in Budapest, Hungary and have very little opportunities for continuing education in English.The price was really reasonable and the information was invaluable. Tracy is so open and friendly so I was not afraid to ask the questions I wanted. The mentoring afterward is so nice because you can get constructive criticism. We are all still learning and just sharing what we know!

  13. Courtney

    Absolutely worth every dime!!!!!I was a little skeptical about it helping out, but I was wrong! The class itself was fun and very informative. Before the workshop I had done two newborn sessions ,and I was not pleased with them at all. I had no control and no clue how to sooth the babies, not to mention I had no idea how to pose them. After the workshop my results improved immediately. I took Tracys advice about wrapping the baby and that helped. I was able to sooth the baby and move from pose to pose with no problem. AND I practiced different angles on each pose which made a huge difference. If you are thinking about taking this workshop, think no more and just buy it. You will be so glad you did!

  14. athbah

    love the class so muchi have learned alot from this class. thank you so much for this professional class.

  15. Joyce

    Best Online Workshop Review byI took the MCP Newborn Photography Group Mentoring: Start to Finish workshop yesterday and it is absolutely the best online class I have ever participated in. Tracy has a way of teaching that is easy to understand and she is so friendly too. The class was very interactive and we could ask questions at any time and she would answer them immediately; plus, if we needed her to rewind a video because we missed something, it was not a problem. Not only did I learn a ton of new things, it really helped to solidy some of those issues I wasnt quite sure about. It was great to see all of the different poses and how to go from one pose to the next. After the class was over, we received a link to join the Facebook group where we can continue to ask questions and interact with others. We also received links to all the videos and slideshow so that we can review them as many times as we want. Best use of my money I have made in a long time. I highly recommend this class to anyone starting out in newborn photography or anyone who wants to polish their skills. On a rating of one to ten, I give this class a TEN!!

  16. Keskimaki

    Tracy Callahan is the BEST!I am a Neonatal/Pediatric ICU nurse and feel very comfortable working with babies. I have also been doing nature/travel photography for the past 6 years and am looking at transitioning to newborn photography.When learning something, I also ask a LOT of questions. I was concerned that I would be left with more questions than answers in an online course. Before I signed up for the class, I emailed Tracy several times with questions. Tracy always replied very promptly and was very detailed in her responses. I was impressed by this and decided to take the online course. I had one final reservation that the majority of the class was not recorded. I was concerned I would miss out on some of the information.After taking the class I was VERY impressed by Tracy! She went at a very comfortable pace and addressed all questions as they arose. She was very detailed and thorough in her presentation! I love that she answers all questions openly, sharing all her knowledge and expertise! I was amazed how fast the time flew by in the course.Lastly, Tracy has gone above and beyond, by creating a private FB group where you can continue to ask questions and learn from other people who have also taken this class. I would HIGHLY recommend taking this class!!

  17. Karen

    Amazing class!LOVED this class! Traci was so informative and very thorough. I learned so much! I have been working with newborns already, but still working on really mastering some of the poses. This class was very in depth to show babies being posed and great pullbacks to teach lighting and angles. I highly recommend this class! Great job Traci! Thanks so very much! xo

  18. Lisa

    Worth every cent!I highly recommend this class. I learned so much and my photos have already improved.Tracy is an amazing teacher and all the tips and tricks she passed on were amazing! Dont think about taking this class DO IT!

  19. Celesa

    I just wanted to say how amazing this online class was. It went over and beyond my expectations. Tracy was so professional and the class was so informative. She was live the entire time and we were able to interrupt her at anytime and ask questions. She was open to anything and answered everything for us. It was awesome to see videos of her in action and her being able to pause go back pause and go back as many times as we needed so that we could see what she was doing. In an in person newborn workshop that would not happen. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that was interested in doing newborn photography. I am so excited to photograph the next newborns on my schedule which should be the end of August. Everything will still be fresh in my head. Again thank you Tracy for your amazing knowledge and willingness to help us expand our learning. You are such a sweet person.

  20. Shannon

    Absolutely amazing!!I registered for this class in July and because of a family issue, she moved me to the August class with no questions. She is such an amazing person, photographer and mentor. I learned so much in this class that I cant wait until my first shoot Sunday to see what I can do. No question, one of the best workshops I have taken!!Not only that, she gave us hours of footage so that we could go back and remind ourselves what she did. And the Facebook mentoring group.priceless!! Not much can be better than bouncing ideas off of your peers for constructive criticism. Thanks Tracy for running one amazing session.

  21. Hannah

    Great workshop!I was worried about how much I could really take from an online workshop. This workshop was amazing! Very detailed in everything. The fact that you can join a group on facebook made it even more worth it because you can learn so much from other people. Also Tracy is so helpful and willing to help which shows how humble she is. Tracy did an awesome job!! Thanks again!!

  22. Angela

    Fantastic Workshop!I have been doing photography for a while, but I mainly focused on Nature. The last few years I decided that I wanted to do more people portraits. The more involved I got with portrait work the more I realized how much I loved the newborn photography. Since Im new at photographing new babies I decided to research the topic; however, I quickly discovered that it is not easy finding good information. Regardless, I continued to move forward, but I felt stuck not knowing how certain poses and such were done. So when I saw the advertisement for Tracys workshop I decided it was something that could help me grow and take the next step.The newborn workshop was packed full of great information. It was well organized and I walked away with a wealth of knowledge. I like that I could take it online in the comfort of my home. The pace of the class was comfortable, and I was able to take good notes. I would highly recommend taking this course!Thank you Tracy for all the great information!

  23. Dallas

    Fantastic Class!I have been a photographer for many years (mostly newspaper/sports), but have only recently started portrait and family work. The first time I photographed a newborn, I thought it would be SOOO easy, but boy was I wrong. I never seemed to improve and I couldnt get those beautiful, sought after photos of a sleepy, happy baby. I had my first newborn photoshoot two weeks after the workshop and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My pictures were the best I have ever taken of a baby. I swear Tracy is the Baby Whisperer! I learned so many little pointers about preparing the family, posing and soothing that the mom of my first post-workshop shoot called ME the baby whisperer. Thank you so much Tracy for your time, attention to detail, the confidence boost you gave me, and the beautiful art you give new mommies (I wish I knew you when I had my babies)!

  24. Heather

    Tracy Callahan is AMAZING!I have taken several online workshops as well as in person mentoring and I would have to say this is one of the best! Tracys personality and generous spirit shines through over the internet. The content was very valuable and although I have done several newborn sessions in the past, I felt like the tips, videos and teachings she shared with us during this workshop will be things I will definitely put into practice. I cant wait for my next newborn session!

  25. Jill

    This workshop was great! Tracy was very informative and went through everything from start to finish giving many helpful tips along the way. She answered all questions when they were asked. I love that Tracy is so open and willing to share all of her knowledge and tips. I highly recommend this class if you are doing newborn photography!

  26. Heather

    Everything you wanted to learn and more!I recently participated in the MCP Newborn Photography Group Mentoring: The Start to Finish Workshop taught by the fabulous Tracy Callahan from Memories by TLC. If you having been wanting to take newborn class, but cant afford the mentor sessions plus the travel fees, or simply cant get away because of work or your family, this class is for you! I cannot tell you how much I learned from this class in the comfort of my own home while my two babies were upstairs sleeping. I am still a newbie in the business and had only two newborn sessions prior to the workshop. This class helped me to find the best light, poses, tips and tricks and how to get the best out of your session. I felt confident going into my most recent sessions prepared with a plan and a workflow on how to get the best shots. It is amazing to see the difference in my photographs from just one class. Thank you Tracy!

  27. Adelle

    Great Investment!If you are just starting out in newborn photography, this class is for you! I had already done several newborn sessions, but struggled with getting those great poses. Tracy did a fantastic job from set up to post-processing and EVERYTHING in between. There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions during the class and with an ongoing working facebook group, you can still ask more questions as they come to you. Everything was presented in an organized and easy to understand way. It was professional and fun. I highly recommend this class-its the best investment Ive made in my business!

  28. Josette

    So worth itI recently had the opportunity to take Tracys online newborn workshop: Start to Finish. Wow! Talk about packed with information.Tracy presented everything in a thorough, organized manner. She didnt miss a beat. She covered it all. I met Tracy a couple years ago after I reached out to her for some advice just simply via the internet when I began my own journey with newborn photography. She is such a giving person and it really shows in her online workshop. She shares openly with great detail about how to photograph newborns. She starts at the beginning of the workshop with the preparations for the shoot, and for her studio, how to educate the parents before hand, then she moves into her different blanket set ups, how to use wraps (I had always wondered how newborn photographers get their babes so neatly and tightly wrapped!) and and then into posing in great detail. From there, she covers transitioning from one pose to another and using props (like baskets, buckets, etc.), and even outside newborn photography. She teaches all of this with the utmost safety of the newborn in mind which she explains as she goes. Then comes the editing, and who doesnt love to see the inside of someone elses photoshop and lightroom and see how they really achieve those beautifully edited images?There is so much more, but I wont spill all the details of the workshop in this review. Just know you wont regret taking this workshop. The mere fact that its live and you can ask questions anytime throughout the workshop is invaluable. Plus, you get invited to the private facebook group after with all kinds of discounts and other valuable information and tools given out by Tracy to keep you learning. Its an ongoing meeting place for the workshop attendees to share and ask questions with Tracy herself.If you are wanting to pursue newborn photography in your business whether as a specialty or just as part of your business, you must take this workshop. Its a really good investment. It saves you big $$ from flying across the country to a newborn workshop somewhere, when you can have it all right through this experience with Tracy. Just take a look at her gallery of newborn photos on Facebook or her website ( and you will see by her work and her images that you are getting educated by one of the best newborn photographers out there! Truly!!

  29. Michelle

    Fabulous class!!The class is welll put together, delivers great tricks of the trade, and the visuals in action are priceless. I had a shoot the next day and the information taught significantly improved my posing and overall images. Well done Tracy!

  30. Mary

    EXCELLENTI LOVED this class! It was well presented, thoroughly covered and FUN! Tracy made you feel so welcome and comfortable enough to ask any question. You feel like your in a classroom setting with an excellent instructor and your soon feeling like your among friends. She covered everything you would need to know to take a newborn picture. I am a hobbyist, who takes pictures for family and friends. I had a granddaughter born during class (the reason I took this class) and Tracy encouraged me to go be with them. She is so kind. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in taking pictures of newborns. So many tricks of the trade to get those gorgeous newborn shots and Tracy shares it all.I feel very very confident that I will be able to capture those million dollar shots of my new granddaughter. A++ for this workshop!

  31. Laura

    Tracy is the BESTMy relationship with Tracy Callahan of TLC began when I had the honor of having her photographing my sons newborn pictures. Watching Tracy work was truly amazing and inspirational.She showed such professionalism, grace, kindness, and the innate ability to sooth and bond with my son.After having the opportunity to watch the way Tracy approaches newborn sessions in her workshop, I knew exactly what I needed to do grow my photography business.Tracy is thorough and walks you through every facet of infant photography. Particular areas that Tracy helped me were; session prep, safety, scheduling, lighting, set-up, props and editing. Tracy wants the best for all of her students and freely shares her best practices and tips for success.I have so much more confidence in myself after taking this workshop and I know that I have a great mentor to help me through my own journey!! I highly recommend Tracys workshop to any photographer looking to specialize in newborn photography!!!! Just look at her pictures, her work speaks for itself!

  32. Debra

    Priceless!This workshop was very well organized, professionally presented, and full to the brim with helpful information on every aspect of photographing newborns. I was hesitant to spend this amount of money on an online workshop, but I can guarantee you it was worth every penny and MORE!

  33. Kayla

    I loved the workshop and learned so much. I thought it was really great being able to ask questions and get easy to understand answers.

  34. Rachel

    I am just breaking into the photography business and while I love working with newborns, they have been my biggest challenge. Tracy went through an ENTIRE newborn session in this class and gave tips for each step along the way. Videos, photos, and her commentary allowed for complete comprehension. She answered each question thoroughly and made the class enjoyable! I highly recommend this to anyone who works with newborns! Thank you, Tracy!!!

  35. Lori

    I learned so much from this class, and to have the USB to keep referring to is fantastic. You also gain access to a MCP Newborn Group with this purchase which is great for help on our photos. I think my newborn photos have gone to a whole new level.

  36. Allie

    I cant believe what a difference this workshop has made in my photography! Tracy covers everything you need to know and you also get to join the facebook group and get any help you need! Being able to rewatch parts of the video anytime (thanks to the USB drive) is amazing! I just wish I would have found this workshop sooner! What a great investment!

  37. Melanie

    I just received the workshop and adore the posing walk throughs. The posing tips by themselves make the workshop worth every penny! My only issue was that all of the editing walk throughs were using actions that are not included in the workshop. Those videos seemed more like an informercial for the actions.

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