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Quick Clicks Collection™ Lightroom Presets

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MCP Quick Clicks Collection™ includes nearly 300 photographer-tested Lightroom presets for every shooting situation.

Whether you’re a busy professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, editing hundreds or thousands of images requires time you just don’t have. The MCP Quick Clicks Collection of Lightroom presets puts thousands of unique looks at your fingertips – all completely customizable and 100% reversible. From simple exposure fixes to gritty urban effects, MCP Quick Clicks Collection includes all the Lightroom presets you need to create the results you want.

Compatible with:
Lightroom 4,5 and 6
Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud)
Workflow Category: Lightroom Presets


MCP Quick Clicks Collection doesn’t just save you editing time. The intuitive folder organization streamlines the process of locating and applying just the right preset. Never fumble through multiple folders searching for a certain setting again. Combine and layer presets for a custom look, or save your favorite settings for one-click future access.

With the variety and flexibility of the presets included, you’ll have every base covered when it comes to quick and easy photo editing in Lightroom. This “super-set” covers all your needs from basic to artistic… it’s like getting five sets in one, only better.

Integrate photo editing tasks with your existing workflow. Put Lightroom’s powerful, non-destructive editing tools to work for you with MCP Quick Clicks Collection. Our easy-to-follow video tutorials guide you through every step of the process, from installation to finished product. See the bottom of this product page for links to these training tools.

MCP Quick Clicks Collection™ Lightroom Presets includes nearly 300 photographer-tested Lightroom presets for every shooting situation.  

  • Start with 23 Building Blocks presets to fine-tune your photos. Adjust exposure by up to four stops in 1/3-stop increments. Correct white balance to remove annoying color casts.
  • 95 Quick Clicks Color presets transform the look of an image in an instant. Give a photo a warm golden glow or a cool urban edge. Replicate the look of a vintage camera or a favorite color film.
  • 44 Quick Clicks Black & White presets take inspiration from classic looks of the past to give modern looks a vintage flair. Go beyond basic black and white with custom tints in “Flavors” ranging from Fudge Ripple to Cherries Jubilee.
  • 99 Finishing Enhancer presets provide the tools for a perfect finished image. Keep the spotlight on the subject with a fill flash effect. Remove haze, sharpen details, or soften colors. Add a vignette or a frame for a ready-to-share result.
  • 26 Quick Clicks Customizers are designed to suit your style. Have you created a Lightroom look you just love? Whether it’s your own from-scratch work or a custom-tweaked version of another MCP Quick Clicks preset, save it here for instant, convenient future use.

MCP Quick Clicks presets can be used separately or layered together for a nearly infinite variety of looks. Stack a color effect with a black and white tint, or adjust an image’s exposure before applying a fill flash. Change your mind about an effect? Custom resets allow you to undo just part of an edit without having to start from scratch. 

With your purchase of MCP Quick Clicks Collection™, you will receive all files necessary to edit RAW and JPG photos in Lightroom 2 and up.

Dedicated DSLR shooters know that shooting RAW images means maintaining ultimate control over your finished image. MCP Quick Clicks presets are built from the ground up to work seamlessly with RAW files.

JPEG shooters (including DSLR, point-and-shoot, iPhone, and Android users) don’t have to miss out on the power of Lightroom presets. MCP Quick Clicks Collection’s JPEG presets are tailored to work perfectly with these smaller, streamlined files.

RAW and JPEG-finished images may vary slightly in appearance due to differences in camera processing. Sample images represent JPG and RAW images.

One more thing…

We recommend pairing Enlighten with the Illuminate Presets – to Infuse light into your images. Check these out to get an even more polished look!

These presets will work in any of the Lightroom versions listed above. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Lightroom, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.
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22 reviews for Quick Clicks Collection™ Lightroom Presets

  1. Dawn’s Recipes

    Great for Food Photography I started using these presets for the photos on my recipe blog several months ago. It has greatly sped up my workflow, and my photos have never looked so mouthwatering! Don’t think these presets are just for portrait photography. They can do so much more! It’s so great to be able to change the entire look of a photo with just a click. I can play around to my hearts content until I achieve just the look I want, then copy that look to all the other photos from that session. These presets alone are reason enough to buy Lightroom if you don’t have it already. I rarely need to open a photo in Photoshop anymore. (Posted on 7/30/12)

  2. Pam Turzanski

    These presets took my editing to a new level… I’ve invested a lot of money over the past couple of years in upgrading my camera and equipment with the intent of doing and learning more. I’ve made strides, but until I bought and began using these presets, it was slow going. I am now well onto my way of becoming the photographer that I’ve always wanted to be. These are easy to use and help you become a master of post processing! Thank you so much. Well worth the money! (Posted on 1/25/12)

  3. JD Waterhouse Photography

    Gold in your bucket!! While I do so love many of the creatively designed presets in this group, I must say what I really love are the enhancers!! Boosting, crisping, sharpening, softening…ahhh and so many more! Love the flexibility of being able to over expose or under expose with just a click as well!! (Posted on 1/13/12)

  4. Tiffany

    Beyond Amazing!! I just bought my Lightroom presets and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you for all you do to help us that are not pros at editing. A few clicks and people would never know it 🙂 (Posted on 12/8/11)

  5. Marion

    great preset I love the MCP’s presets and how quickly they allow me to edit photos! The variety of editing options are amazing. Thank you MCP!!!i I would recommend this to anyone! If you are debating about it, go out and buy it – it is well worth it!(Posted on 12/6/11)

  6. Kate

    Fantastic collection! Thanks Jodi for making these presets for Lightroom. They have allowed me to mostly sidestep the time-consuming actions in Photoshop Elements – the combination of these presets do almost everything I need and they look fantastic. (Posted on 11/23/11)

  7. Genesis Photography

    Quick Clicks Review Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for releasing the Lightroom presets! I have been really unhappy with just about everything I have purchased thus far for Lightroom – I love Lightroom, I just hate the presets that are out there for it. I always end up editing in PS and doing double duty. NOT ANYMORE!!!!! The building blocks and finishers from the Quick Clicks collection are exactly what I have been looking for. Your products are just awesome! I am so happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!(Posted on 11/13/11)

  8. Keysia G

    Brought back to life with a click!! I had just purchased LR3 a month before and was trying my hardest to “figure it out” on my own, then Quick Clicks came into my life. Why waste time doing that when I can just “click”. I love these presets! Deciding which one to use is so much fun to see what different looks you get! I can’t thank you enough Jodi for all that you do for us in the photography community to make our lives and business so much easier when it comes to post processing.LOVE THEM!!! (Posted on 11/6/11)

  9. Evan

    In a word – Sublime! So, I’m playing with your new Lightroom quick clicks. My gosh you make it so easy! I have been doing photography for for 30 years I have seen a lot of changes. Your way of thinking and your sense of organizing the creative process puts me in awe. Let me simply say Thank You for your wonderful products. I’m even getting used to your “girlie” actions names.(Posted on 11/4/11)

  10. Amber Murphy

    In love! I can’t even describe how happy I was when I saw that MCP came out with a Lightroom presets package! Quick Clicks simplifies your workflow, and you can create so many different looks so easily! No one needs to know you don’t use Photoshop! I love love love Quick Clicks, you won’t be sorry you bought them! (Posted on 11/3/11)

  11. Amy

    Great presets to speed up workflow and unleash your inner creativity As a beginning professional photographer, I find myself waging an internal battle with my photo editing: the focused “brand” editing that should be consistent with similar edits for all the photos from one shoot vs. the urge to be creative and artistic with edits when I am inspired by a certain photo…. These presets help me to both be consistent and artistic, with less time on the computer, depending on what my editing needs may be. (Posted on 11/2/11)

  12. Traci Thompson

    SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Loved LR for a while now but Never Dreamed of the things that I could accomplish with Quick Clicks!! 3 or 4 “CLICKS” and my edits are done!! I am no longer a slave to PS! These are HANDS DOWN the BEST PRESETS I Have! No Question! If you are on the fence…LEAP to the Quick Clicks Side! You WON’T BE SORRY!!!!! There’s a bit of EVERYTHING Here! I’ve been thinking of new things to shoot just to try some of the new presets that came with this Collection! Buy It Buy It Buy It!!! NOW!!! The Time you Save is UNBELIEVABLE! (Posted on 10/31/11)

  13. Tina Rothe

    Love Love Love these Presets Wow, if you are debating getting these presets, don’t wait any longer. They are just awesome. I still have so much to learn on using them and have barely begun to scratch the surface on what they can do. I am so excited about them. They make editing so much easier and so fun. Love playing with all the new looks you can get with these as well as exposure, white balance, and color correction when the image is not right straight out of camera. Thank you Jodi. I am so glad that you created lightroom presets and they are wonderful. (Posted on 10/28/11)

  14. Rene Westbrook

    Editing is now a breeze. I cannot say enough about the new MCP LR Presets!! I am totally self taught and have had struggles with PSE.. I have been using Lightroom 3 and with the Presets developed by Jodi my editing is now a breeze!! It really takes less than 2 minutes for each photo!! From start to finish and I never even go into PSE anymore. With these I have been able to do everything in LR3 including finishing work, sharpening, contrast, etc… IT is all in these presets!!The customer service is like nothing I have ever seen with another company.. If you have a problem or question either Erin, or Jodi herself, will contact you via email, or even a phone call if needed!! So… if you are still just thinking of getting any of the products (I really recommend the Lightroom Presets!!!) do it now!!! You will truly be amazed what MCP LR Presets will do for you! (Posted on 10/24/11)

  15. photosbyanya

    Amazing!! You will cut your editing down and help you be so efficient! I love Lightroom! I use it as part of my workflow. With these presets I ca do EVERYTHING in Lightroom, instead of using Photoshop too! I am so impressed!! I love the sharpen, the crisp, the boost, the reduce haze and so much more!! I can do everything from lightroom and my images look amazing!! I feel so thankful that I have discovered this. It helps me balance my life out by not spending so much time in my post process. It’s quick and effective! Thank you MCP actions! You have an amazing product! (Posted on 10/20/11)

  16. Tracy Joy

    LOVIN IT! All edits, one stop… Thanks again Jodi, this new collection is simply stunning. When I edit, I start in LR with about 30% of editing then work my way to PS for completion… However with the new MCP LR Presets, I can work it all 2x quicker, doing ALL of my edits in LR with MCP. I’ve never been 100% comfortable doing all of my edits in LR – until now. This has all changed my views and I’M AMAZED! Seriously over the moon with this new set. From the WB corrections to the colors and bw’s, its a dream come true for a gal like me! THANKS SUNSHINE! You endlessly make my editing process a breeze! xo TJ (Posted on 10/18/11)

  17. PD Creations

    Jodi Has Done It Again! Jodi has definitely done it again! These presets are simply amazing. With these, you don’t need anything else for editing. It’s very easy to set exposure and white balance with the Building Blocks section. There is a vast selection of color and black and white “looks” to fit everyone’s style. They range from clean edits (Friendship Bracelet is my personal favorite) to funky to vintage. There is also a section for finishing your photo which includes fill flash, contrast, sharpening, as well as vignettes and edges. Jodi has made it very easy to combine your favorite “looks” and save it to a preset to fit your style in the Quick Clicks Customizer section. Thanks for simplifying editing Jodi! (Posted on 10/18/11)

  18. Wendy Mayo

    You Will Never Need Another Preset! All I can say is WOW! I can’t imagine ever needing any other presets than these, ever! Just got them and already have a handful of favorites. I like Campfire and Pop-ular for basic editing. All the Cool Twist Urban, esp. Jump Rope. For my light pics, Artsy Ellie would be my go-to. And don’t get me started on the Silhouette Enhancers! There is something for everyone, and lots of it! (Posted on 10/17/11)

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  22. Wendy Mayo

    You Will Never Need Another Preset! All I can say is WOW! I can’t imagine ever needing any other presets than these, ever! Just got them and already have a handful of favorites. I like Campfire and Pop-ular for basic editing. All the Cool Twist Urban, esp. Jump Rope. For my light pics, Artsy Ellie would be my go-to. And don’t get me started on the Silhouette Enhancers! There is something for everyone, and lots of it!

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