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The Photoshop actions in the MCP Quickie Collection™ includes 64 fully adjustable actions to quickly get the look you want for your images. From vivid colors to rich black and whites to timeless vintage and funky urban looks, our Quickie Collection has it all.

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Compatible with:
Photoshop CS2 – CS6
Photoshop CC (All version Creative Cloud)

Product Description

Start with fixer actions for proper exposures. Next, apply a contrast action for extra pop. Then choose from various styles of processing—from vivid colors to rich black and whites to timeless vintage and funky urban (yes, they’re all included in this set!).

Finally, end with composition, resizing, and sharpening actions to prepare images for print or web. So, no matter if you need the Photoshop actions to bring you from A to Z in your editing, or simply add a touch of goodness here and there, the Quickie Collection can speed up your processing and make your images even more amazing.

And, if you’d like to speed up your process even more, the Quickie Photoshop actions may be layered into one big action, assigned to function keys, or used for batch processing. See the “Big Batch Action Private Workshop” if you need assistance with building your own unique layered actions. Included are also bonus Quickie Helpers that make simple tasks such as flattening, adding a black or white mask, creating layers, saving, and viewing at 100% fast and easy.

The MCP Quickie Collection™ contains the following 64 fully adjustable Photoshop actions:

Quickie Fix Actions
  • Basic Exposure Fixer
  • Basic Exposure Fixer
  • Over Exposure Fixer
  • Under Exposure Fixer
  • Extreme Fill Flash
  • Color Fixer
  • Light Fog Fixer
  • Heavy Fog Fixer
  • Nondestructive Dodge & Burn
Quickie Breakfast Actions
  • Snap
  • Crackle
  • Pop
Quickie Color Actions
  • Color Flair
  • Color Sensation
  • Night Color
  • Dreamy Color
Quickie Finger Paint Actions
  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick
Quickie Urban Actions
  • Urban Ocean
  • Urban Lake
  • Urban Ultraviolet
  • Urban Sunset
Quickie Black and White Actions
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Rocky Road (Texture B&W)
  • Vanilla Soft Serve
Quickie Tones Black and White Actions
  • Brownie Sundae
  • Pecan Pie (Texture Tone) (Texture B&W)
  • Chocolate Soft Serve
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Blueberry Pie
Quickie Vintage Actions
  • Throwback
  • Grammie’s Old Fashion Vintage
  • Grammie’s Pinkie Vintage
Quickie Sharpening Actions
  • Sharp as a Tack (level 1, 2, 3)
  • Make Your Own Sharp as a Tack
  • Sharp People
  • Sharp Landscapes
Goldilocks and The Three Bears Resizing Actions
  • Papa Bear (for big prints) (level 1, 2, 3)
  • Mama Bear for print
  • Baby Bear & Goldilocks (resize & sharpen for web)
  • The Porridge (resize & sharpen for slideshows)
  • Baby Bear/Goldilocks/Porridge got Framed (adds frame after resize)
Quickie Guide Actions
  • Print Me Bleed Guides
  • Self Centered
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • 3rd Time is a Charm
  • No More Guides
Quickie Helpers to speed up workflow (assigned to F keys)
  • Flatten
  • New Blank Layer
  • Duplicate Current Layer
  • Add White Mask
  • Add Black Mask
  • Levels Adjustment Layer
  • Curves Adjustment Layer
  • Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer
  • USM Sharpening
  • View at 100%
  • Save As
  • Snapshot Maker

You may purchase Quickie Collection™ for Photoshop. These actions will work in all of the Photoshop versions listed above. These are not compatible with Elements. If your version is not listed, it is not compatible. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. You will need access to the English version for full compatibility. We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Photoshop, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.

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Quickie Collection Photoshop Actions

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1 review for MCP Quickie Collection™

  1. 5 out of 5


    Like all of the MCP products I’ve sampled (or seen in action), the Quickie
    Collection is excellent and just what I need.

    I applied the Snap piece to a picture I thought I’d finished editing, and
    sure enough it gave a nice snap without overwhelming the picture/edits.
    Just a nice little touch of magic!

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