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Longing for the past? Family vacations? Road trips? Sitting in the car for hours while your brother keeps saying “I’m not touching you.”? Well Retro Road Trip Photoshop Actions set is exactly what you need to bring back the magic of your childhood. Loaded with 20 cool, scrapbook style photo presets, you can bring your blah digital photos of random landmarks and streets to a whole new realm of awesome!

Created with Photoshop CC2017.


Reason being, the filter gallery is essential to making the actions run correctly.

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So, you miss 35mm cameras? Yeah, we all do. Ever wish you can get that neat-o style back to your photos? Thank goodness for Retro Road Trip Photoshop Actions Set!

This action set was developed especially for scenery, landmarks, giant balls of twine, earwax museums, and everything else you randomly take pictures of. Sure, you can use it on people, or with people in the photo, but results may vary…hey, just like 35mm film. Wow this action set is really accurate!

Get all the retro flare your heart desires without waiting two weeks for film to be developed!

20 Presets include all your favor places from your Griswold-style vacations:

• Sunshine State
• Hot Springs
• Washington
• Redwood Forest
• Route 66
• Green Bay
• Mason Dixon
• Cape May
• French Quarter
• Orlando
• Salem
• Alcatraz
• Golden Gate Bridge
• 2nd Largest Ball of Twine
• Brooklyn
• Boardwalk
• Hollywoodland
• Mississippi Delta
• Smithsonian
• Seattle

Let’s get down to brass taxes and have a look at some of the nifty details in the photos after the actions are ran.

Still have a hankering for more? Well, you’re in luck!

Pretty cool, right?

Don’t stop now! More juicy treats to come!

Aren’t you happier now that you’ve seen what Retro road Trip Photoshop Actions can do?

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Retro Road Trip Photoshop Actions Set