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The Summer Solstice™ Photoshop Actions set includes 20 unique Summer inspired actions including a special base workflow action + includes the bonus set of 25 extra fine-tuning actions.

The Summer Solstice set starts with a base action that adds bold contrast and a sunlit feel to your images. Then choose from a variety of actions that make summery colors pop, whether it’s the bright hues of a beach party or the muted pastels of a seaside resort.

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Compatible with:
Photoshop CS2-CS6
Photoshop CC (All versions Creative Cloud)
Photoshop Elements (All Versions)

Product Description

The Summer Solstice Photoshop actions set includes 20 unique Summer inspired actions including a special base workflow action + includes the bonus set of 25 extra fine-tuning actions.


  • The Summer Solstice Base Workflow Action
  • 10 looks: Beach Bash, Campfire, Honeycomb, Oasis, Ocean Breeze, Over the Rainbow, Pop Star, Putting Green, Sol, Sunflower Fields.
  • Two Summer Blend Mix-n-Match actions
  • Seven Summer Finishing Effects: Directional Sunshine, Color Carnival, Summer Burn, Greener Pastures, Golden Light,  Summer Skies, Warm Summer Vignette


These 25* Extra actions are included as a bonus in every Four Seasons Set to help you fine-tune your images. Sharpen eyes, fix color, recover highlights and more with a few quick clicks!

  • Four Workflow Helpers: I Snapped, Pancake, Seeing Double, Speedy
  • 10 Any Season Actions: Auto Enhance, Ellie’s Magic Trick, De-Hazify, Hemispheres, Splash of Light, Splash of Dark, Fill Flash, Highlight Saver, Directional Lens Flare, Temperature Adjuster.
  • Eight Paint On Effects: Burn Me Up, Illuminate, Clearly, Muted, Ups and Downs, Sharpie, Clarif-Eye, Color Fix
  • Three Finishing Effects: Razor Sharp, Tiny Sharp, Just Right Sharp

*Elements has 23.  It does not have I Snapped or Speedy as those functions are not available in PSE.


The MCP Four Seasons™ Photoshop Action Package includes all four seasons (Spring Splendor, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Whirlwind) – it saves you $99.98!


You may purchase Summer Solstice™ for either Photoshop OR Elements. Actions will work in all of the Photoshop or Elements versions listed in the drop down box. If your version is not listed, it is not compatible. Please make sure that you have the required software before purchasing. You will need access to the English version for full compatibility. Cross platform upgrades from Photoshop to Elements or Elements to Photoshop are available for half off the purchase price.We make every attempt to ensure that our products work in future versions of Photoshop or Elements, but due to possible changes Adobe may implement, we cannot guarantee future compatibility.

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Using Four Seasons In Photoshop

Using Four Seasons In Elements

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2 reviews for Summer Solstice™ Photoshop Actions

  1. 5 out of 5


    When I use actions, I use MCP actions. Summer solstice was my latest action set purchase from MCP and I was not disappointed in the slightest! I only purchase actions from MCP because I trust the quality and know I will use them again and again! I’m never left sitting there wondering what I spent my money on! This action set allows you to give sunny warm feelings to your images (I use them a lot on my Sunflare and field portraits!) as well as making your colors pop! As with all MCP action sets, you can layer and adjust as you want to get the intended result! And addition to the summer solstice set I was also given a set called “Seasons Extras” which is awesome. In addition to action that allow you to add contrast and clarity, there is also a section of paint-on actions which allows you to not only light and dark and selectively but also add contrast and clarity selectively which is super helpful with skintones! This is another awesome worthwhile set! Thanks again!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Beautiful colors!

    Summer Solstice was an instant hit for me. All it took was Beach Bash for me to be in love! Opened up the group, adjusted a few layers and my images from a late winter afternoon just popped with beautiful color. So many actions change my image so much that I feel like the action takes over and my vision has vanished. Not so with Summer Solstice. Another favorite in the set is Sunflower Fields. I can run Sunflower Fields, invert the layer and paint a little sunshine on my subject face. All so easy and quick. This set also includes additional actions to help you finish your image, such as sharpening for print and the web. Summer Solstice is well worth the $$ and I highly recommend this set!

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Summer Solstice™ Photoshop Actions