Texture Applicator Plus: Free Photoshop Actions

Create unique and beautiful photos to show off in no time with these two free Photoshop actions!


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Texture can be a fun way to add something special to your photos. And now it’s easier than ever with the MCP Texture Applicator Plus actions.

• MCP’s Texture Applicator action, which allows you to seamlessly add textures into your workflow

• MCP’s Color Changer action, which lets you customize the hues of each texture to complement the tones of your image


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Where Do I Buy Textures and Overlays:

Since our FREE texture applicator actions DO NOT include textures, here’s what you can do. Search the internet for some, use texture photos you’ve taken or save yourself the time and get the: MCP Texture Play Overlays

Shown below: Glitter Texture Topper from Texture Play Overlays. Photo courtesy of Crave Photography.


Shown below: Worn Wood Texture Topper + Texture 44 from Texture Play Overlays. Photo courtesy of Nicole Benitez Photography.



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Using the MCP Texture

Applying Textures to Photos

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Texture Applicator Plus: Free Photoshop Actions