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Projecteo, the Instagram photo projector, now available for $34.99


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Projecteo, a tiny device which projects nine of your Instagram photos, is now available for purchase for $34.99, after securing Kickstarter funding in late 2012.

Benjamin Redford is the main artist behind one of the many successful Kickstarter projects. The New York-based artist has come up with the idea of turning Instagram photos into 35mm films for use with a projector.

projecteo-instagram-projector Projecteo, the Instagram photo projector, now available for $34.99 News and Reviews

Projecteo is a very tine device, which is capable of projecting nine of your Instagram photos for only $34.99.

Projecteo, a fortunate Kickstarter story, is now available for the rest of us

The device has been called Projecteo and it has been turned into a projector which can hold a wheel with up to nine of your Instragram photos. Since it depicts a cute and tiny device, the Kickstarter project has managed to raise more than $87,000, about five times the required amount of $18,000.

Now that most people who have pledged on Kickstarter have received their units, regular folks can order their own Projecteo, which costs $25.99. However, the wheel costs extra $8.99 and it is mandatory, in order to display nine photos of your choice from your Instagram account.

How Projecteo works and how you can create your own

Projecteo is pretty straightforward, thus very easy to create your own. Users simply have to enter on the product’s official website and connect with Instagram. After allowing it to access your account, users can select nine photographs.

After that, the images are developed on 35mm film and added to a tiny wheel. Ultimately, the wheel can be inserted in the projector and your images will be ready to be projected on your walls.

Instagram users can buy multiple wheels, each holding nine photos

Benjamin says that anybody can order how many wheels they want. They are fully customizable with any of one’s Instagram images, but the wheels will still cost $8.99 each, meaning that you will need a lot of money if you want to enjoy the analog era more than other people.

The wheels are pretty small, as Projecteo itself is the same size of a conventional matchbox. Additionally, a lens barrel allows users to control the focus, depending on the distance where the images are projected.

The Instagram projector will be able to produce impressive images with a width of 2.5-feet, though this depends on darkness and environment. More information can also be found at Projecteo’s official blog.

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