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Pulitzer Prize 2013 in photography awarded to Syrian war photographers


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The Pulitzer Prize 2013 winners have been revealed by the Columbia University, with Associated Press’ photographers receiving the prestigious award for their coverage of the Syrian war.

The Pulitzer Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in journalism. It has been awarded since 1917 by the Columbia University in New York and the winner receives $10,000. This year’s laureates have just been announced, with the Associated Press (AP) dominating the photography category.

Pulitzer Prize 2013 in Breaking News Photography heads to five AP photographers

Columbia University has awarded the Pulitzer Prize 2013 in the Breaking News category to a team of five photographers from AP, for their impressive work and efforts during the Syrian civil war, which has been going on for more than two years.

Khalil Hamra, Manu Brabo, Muhammed Muheisen, Narciso Contreras, and Rodrigo Abd have been recognized as the “bravest and most talented photographers in the world”. They have performed greatly during the war and they have provided extensive coverage of the enduring hostilities.

Excellent Syrian war coverage by courageous and gifted photographers

The photos which brought the Pulitzer Prize 2013 to AP’s photographers show the horrors of warfare. A photo by Manu Brabo shows a father crying and holding his son in his arms. The young boy was killed by Syria’s armed forces near a hospital.

Rodrigo Abd captured an image of an injured woman crying after her husband and two kids were murdered during a bombing by the Syrian army.

A lot of the photos which brought the prize to the AP photographers contain blood. They are too violent for most people therefore we will not show them here. However, for those who are not faint of heart, the pictures can be found at Pulitzer’s official website.

pulitzer-prize-2013-javier-manzano Pulitzer Prize 2013 in photography awarded to Syrian war photographers News and Reviews

Two rebel soldiers aiming at Syrian army solders in Aleppo, Syria. This photo bought the Pulitzer Prize 2013 in Feature Photography category to Javier Manzano. Credits: Javier Manzano / AFP.

Pulitzer Prize 2013 in Feature Photography category awarded to AFP freelancer Javier Manzano

Additionally, Javier Manzano has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize 2013 in the Feature Photography category. He is a freelance photographer for the Agence France-Presse. The winning photo has been captured on October 12 last year and it depicts a couple of Syrian revels sniping Syrian Army members, although they did not have suitable sniper weapons.

The image also shows light coming through bullet holes in the room, as a result of earlier confrontation.

All photos are touching. Unfortunately, the Syrian war has not ended. On the contrary, it is more violent than ever before, as March 2013 has been the bloodiest month since the warfare’s beginning.

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