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Photographer captures rare Eiffel Tower and rainbow shot


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A French photographer, called Bertrand Kulik, has captured a unique photo of a rainbow dominating the sky alongside the Eiffel Tower.

Bertrand Kulik is a France-based photographer. He lives in Paris and he has quite the view to the Eiffel Tower. His place is used oftentimes for capturing photos of the iconic landmark, which is one of the most popular structures in the world.

bertrand-kulik-eiffel-tower-rainbow-photo Photographer captures rare Eiffel Tower and rainbow shot Exposure

Rare photo of the Eiffel Tower and low rainbow. Credits: Bertrand Kulik.

Nature and humanity work together to create a one-of-a-kind photo

Recently, the Eiffel Tower produced yet another great image, as a rainbow has been formed on the horizon. However, it was not a 100% conventional rainbow because it only “displayed” its top, rather than its full size.

The photo has also been selected as the Astronomy Picture of the Day on March 27, 2013, thanks to its uniqueness.

Sun was too high in the sky, but it managed to create a rainbow

The guys over at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have a better explanation for this phenomenon. Even though it is still categorized as a common rainbow, it should have never been formed because the Sun was too high in the sky.

Rainbows are formed because it is raining opposite the Sun. Their centers have to be perfectly aligned opposite the Sun, in order to reflect off the light. However, because it rained in the distance, the Sun created what is known as a low rainbow.

Viewers can only see the top of the rainbow, as its remainder is hidden somewhere beneath the horizon. Rainbows usually last for a few minutes, but photographer Bertrand Kulik had enough time to shoot this incredible picture.

According to NASA, each person sees a different circular band, meaning that other people could not catch a glimpse of this marvelous rainbow if it were not for the French photographer.

Photographer Bertrand Kulik has a habit of capturing amazing Eiffel Tower images

Bertrand Kulik posted the image on his personal blog, where internet users can also find other magnificent Eiffel Tower photos.

There are plenty of other images of the structure being hit by lightnings and many more artistic shots captured from the photographer’s window.

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