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Kenro announces Reflecta x7 Film Scanner


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Kenro has introduced the new Reflecta x7 Film Scanner, a small device, which allows photographers to digitize their films in just two seconds.

Some photographers are still using film of various formats, including 35mm and 126mm. Moreover, a lot of them still have slides lying somewhere and might want to digitize them, in order to share content with their friends or to simply put them on the internet.

reflecta-x7-film-scanner Kenro announces Reflecta x7 Film Scanner News and Reviews

Reflecta x7 Film Scanner is capable of scanning 35mm, 110mm, and 126mm film strips using a 14-megapixel sensor.

Kenro officially reveals Reflecta x7 Film Scanner with 14-megapixel image sensor

A solution comes from UK retailer Kenro, which has just announced the new Reflecta x7 Film Scanner. The device features a 14-megapixel sensor that scans films at 3200dpi equivalent.

The company has previously offered portable film scanners, but this is the first to come packed with a 2.4-inch LCD screen, allowing users to adjust the brightness among others.

The Reflecta x7 Film Scanner features a rechargeable Li-ion battery providing 2.5 hours of energy or the equivalent of about 2,000 film scans. Moreover, the device can be easily attached to a TV, where photographers can review their shots.

Reflecta x7 Film Scanner comes packed with 35mm, 110mm, and 126mm film support

Kenro praises the device’s measurements as the x7 Film Scanner is sized at 105 x 104 x 164mm. Additionally, it is very lightweight so it can be carried around with ease.

The new scanner supports 35mm, 110mm, and 126mm films. Furthermore, it comes packed with holders for six 35mm exposures, eight 110mm exposures, and seven 126mm exposures.

Reflecta x7 Film Scanner is now available at Kenro

Photographers can store their scanned files on a SD / SDHC card and then transfer them to a computer using a USB 2.0 cable. Users can connect the film scanner to a TV, thanks to a TV-out port, as stated above.

The package will include the USB and TV-out cables, a power adapter, the battery, a brush for cleaning the film scanner, as well as ArcSoft MedialImpression, a photo-editing application.

Kenro has already begun selling the Reflecta x7 Film Scanner for a price of £136.80 / $204. However, Amazon is offering the device at a price of $155.89, though buyers might have to wait about three weeks to get their unit.

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