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F3-like retro Nikon camera to be announced in two weeks


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Nikon’s new DSLR camera with a full frame sensor is rumored to get its retro looks from the F3 instead of the FM2, as previously expected.

The rumor mill has recently begun talking about a new Nikon DSLR camera with a retro design inspired by the FM2 SLR.

When the story first broke down, the device was supposed to be launched within three weeks. According to the latest batch of details, the event will fall within this frame as it will take place on November 6.

Furthermore, it appears that the upcoming shooter’s design will be based on the one of the F3, instead of that of FM2, as reported earlier.

nikon-f3 F3-like retro Nikon camera to be announced in two weeks Rumors

Nikon F3 remains the company’s professional SLR camera with the longest lifespan: roughly 20 years. The new retro DSLR will be based on its design.

Retro Nikon camera will actually look like the F3 SLR

There may be an important reason why Nikon has chosen to use the F3 as a model for its new retro DSLR. The F3 was released at the beginning of the 80s and it remained in production until the beginning of the 21st century in 2001.

This is the device with the longest lifespan of a Nikon professional camera and its beautiful design may have had something to do with it.

New Nikon DSLR will feature D4 sensor, but won’t record any videos

The upcoming retro Nikon camera will pack a curious set of specifications starting with a 16.2-megapixel full frame CMOS sensor and ending before reaching video recording capabilities. Sources say that this shooter will not support movie capturing of any kind, as it is a device strictly aimed at photography.

Trusted sources are claiming that the new DSLR will also feature a 3.2-inch LCD screen, 5.5fps burst mode, ISO sensitivity range expandable between 50 and 108,200, EXPEED 3 image processing engine, SD card slot, and F-mount support.

Hybrid shooter to be launched alongside special 50mm f/1.8G lens version

This device is still referred to as a “hybrid” camera and the rumor mill is still not aware why this is happening.

The retro Nikon camera is said to measure 143.5 x 110 x 66.5mm, thus being bigger than the D7100 and smaller than the D610.

It is worth noting that, since it is based on the F3, its optical viewfinder will be quite large and more prominent than that of the regular Nikon DSLRs.

The launch event is only two weeks away and it should include a special edition of the 50mm f/1.8G lens.

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