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Ricoh GR Digital IV firmware update 2.3 released for download


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Ricoh has released a firmware update for the GR Digital IV, in order to improve a number of the compact camera’s aspects.

Ricoh GR Digital IV is an older camera in a very popular series of shooters. Although Ricoh is no longer an imaging giant, the company is still providing support for its customers and this year it has even released a new GR.

ricoh-gr-digital-iv Ricoh GR Digital IV firmware update 2.3 released for download News and Reviews

Ricoh GR Digital IV is upgradeable to firmware update 2.3. The new version fixes a couple of bugs and adds new white balance presets to replace the extinct Fluorescent option.

Ricoh GR Digital IV firmware update 2.3 available for download now

Getting back to the GR Digital IV, the camera is now upgradeable to firmware version 2.3. This is great news for the company’s fans, as most of them have been sure that they will never receive an update anytime soon.

Either way, the upgrade is here and it comes packed with a lot of new fixes and additions. It can be downloaded right away from the company’s official website for free.

Full changelog for Ricoh GR Digital IV firmware version 2.3

Downloading the Ricoh GR Digital IV firmware update 2.3 will bring several new white balance presets. Fluorescent has disappeared from the menu and it has been replaced by the following options:

  • Shade;
  • Daylight Fluorescent;
  • Neutral White Fluorescent;
  • Cool White Fluorescent;
  • Warm White Fluorescent.

The company mentions that the Cool White Fluorescent white balance preset will provide the same color as the old Fluorescent setting.

Moving further, the new firmware version brings a vignetting setting called Very Weak. It can be found under all of the following menus:

  • Hi-Contrast Black & White;
  • Cross Process;
  • Positive Film;
  • Bleach Bypass.

Ricoh added that the target selection can be enabled without difficulty now. The user has to press and hold the “macro” button. However, if manual focus or subject tracker is enabled, then target selection will not be activated.

Users will notice a new Multi AF / Spot AF toggle in the FN button pair list. It can be used in focus mode with either Multi AF or Spot AF.

The company has also fixed a couple of bugs. The first caused the flash not to charge properly in Auto mode with Dynamic Range Compensation enabled. Horizontal lines used to show up on the screen when photographers were using AE bracketing and Hi-Contrast B&W. Both of these issues have been solved.

Ricoh GR Digital IV is available at Amazon for a price of $395. The new Ricoh GR is listed for $769, but it is not in stock at the time of writing of this article.

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