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Ricoh to announce new Theta camera in early September


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Ricoh is rumored to be working on a new Theta-series camera, a shooter that will also capture 360-degree panoramas, and which will be unveiled during the first week of September.

Panoramic photos are popular on social media websites and people who travel a lot are looking for ways to capture such images with ease. Ricoh has seen these facts as an opportunity, so it introduced the Theta back in September 2013.

The Theta is a compact and lightweight camera that shoots 360-degree panoramas using a couple of lenses that capture a photo simultaneously. The original version was replaced by the Theta m15 in October 2014 and it seems like the current generation will also be substituted by a newer model soon.

Without much further ado, a trusted source has revealed that the Japanese company is developing a new version that will be revealed in the early stages of September.

ricoh-theta-m15 Ricoh to announce new Theta camera in early September Rumors

The Ricoh Theta m15 camera will be replaced during the first week of September by a new and improved camera.

Ricoh poised to announce a new Theta camera in early September

The new Ricoh Theta camera does not have a name for the time being. However, a highly-reliable source is claiming that the device will definitely be announced soon. In this case, soon translates into the first week of September.

It is not said whether the company is planning a major event to introduce its new device. With the previous models, the Japan-based company has not made a lot of fuss surrounding the launch and we do not expect to see other products being introduced along with the new Theta.

Either way, this is something to look forward to during the first few days of September, so you should keep an eye on Camyx, as you never know what you might miss.

New Ricoh Theta camera set to be better and more expensive

In the meantime, the source has revealed some details about the new Theta camera. The first two models have a similar design, but the upcoming one will employ a brand new and improved design.

The image sensor in the camera will be bigger, although its megapixel count remains unknown. The image quality will be improved as well as the video quality, which will support a 30fps frame rate.

It is worth noting that the original version did not feature a video mode, as that was introduced in the m15 version along with WiFi connectivity.

Finally, it is said that the new Theta camera will be more expensive than its predecessor, which is currently available at Amazon for about $290. Stay tuned for the announcement.

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