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Sakar unveils three Kodak Micro Four Thirds lenses


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Sakar has presented a trio of Kodak-branded Micro Four Thirds prime lenses, 8mm f/3, 25mm f/0.95, and 50mm f/1.1, at the PhotoPlus Expo 2013 event in New York City.

This gem has almost gone unnoticed in the world of photography. It appears that Sakar, a company famous for making a Polaroid camera, has unveiled three Micro Four Thirds lens prototypes at PhotoPlus Expo 2013.

The event took place in New York City last week. It attracted a lot of visitors, as plenty of digital imaging product manufacturers were present.

Among them, Sakar has decided to show off its Polaroid iM1836, an Android-powered camera with interesting specs, although it has been sued recently by Nikon due to the fact that its design is allegedly inspired by the one found in all 1-series cameras.

We will leave to the judges to decide whether Nikon is right or not, and turn our attention to Sakar and PhotoPlus Expo 2013. The company has also brought with it three Kodak Micro Four Thirds lenses, aimed at Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Sakar shows off 8mm f/3, 25mm f/0.95, and 50mm f/1.1 lenses for Micro Four Thirds cameras

The trio of lenses is Kodak-branded and it consists of three primes with very fast apertures. First comes the 8mm f/3 fisheye, second is the 25mm f/0.95, and third is the 50mm f/1.1 model.

As stated above, all feature the Kodak brand on them and have manual controls for aperture and focus, a feature that some photographers actually prefer to the more common in-camera tools.

Kodak-branded lenses to be compatible with all MFT cameras

They will be compatible with all Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus, Panasonic, and, why not, JK Imaging.

JK Imaging has purchased most of the Kodak rights and has already released several cameras under this brand. Furthermore, it has announced an S1 MFT system, which has been delayed due to unknown reasons.

Micro Four Thirds users will have to remember to take the crop factor into consideration. The 8mm model will provide a 35mm equivalent of 16mm, the 25mm one a 50mm focal length equivalent, while the 50mm unit will offer a 100mm equivalent.

Kodak Micro Four Thirds lenses to sell for around $400 each

Their release date has not been mentioned. However, they are said to be prototypes and some internal aspects might change before they will be released.

Either way, the people who have spotted them at the event say that their build quality is quite good and the manufacturer promises cutting-edge optical quality.

As for the price, is seems like all will retail for amounts around $400. This is quite an achievement, as such bright optics tend to get really expensive.

Sakar has assured the visitors that Micro Four Thirds fans will hear more details soon, so you should stay tuned to Camyx in order to catch all the information.

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