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Samsung camera mode helps strangers take better photos of you


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Samsung has filed for a patent in the United States that will help strangers take improved photos of you during your travels across the world.

Photographers and travelling come hand-in-hand. Lensmen enjoy taking photos while visiting a new city, but they would also like to be in the picture, therefore they need to appeal to the strangers’ kindness when a tripod is not available.

Unfortunately, some strangers may not be very good at taking photos. Most of them have never heard of the rule of the thirds, therefore their composition skills are close to non-existent. Additionally, they may not focus the shot properly, meaning that your dream vacation will seriously lack high-quality portrait shots.

new-samsung-camera-mode Samsung camera mode helps strangers take better photos of you Rumors

Samsung has patented a new camera mode, which allows strangers to properly frame a shot and place subjects where they should be. This technology would be useful when travelling and asking someone with poor camera skills to take your photo.

Latest Samsung patent describes a technology which allows strangers to align the frame with a pre-determined vision

Samsung has acknowledged this problem and it has decided that it is about time to do something about it. The first step is to file a patent in the United States, describing a new camera mode available only in live view.

The new camera mode allows you to capture a shot and set it as a background of some sort. This means that you can set the frame that you want to be in, and then the strangers will simply have to align the shot with the shot taken by you. Once the strangers do that, they can get to the next step and properly add you into the shot. After that, hitting the shutter button will capture the photo as you imagined it.

New Samsung camera mode can automatically take a photo once the frame is properly aligned

This new Samsung camera mode goes even further because it can automatically trigger the shutter button, once you are properly aligned in the frame, allowing you to use strangers as living tripods.

Moreover, photographers can even draw circles on where their face should be. This means that the strangers will have an even easier job in taking your portrait.

Anyway, a so-called composition score will be displayed on the camera screen. If the stranger properly frames the shot, then he will get a higher score. However, if the composition score is low, then he will see that and capture photos until the rating hits acceptable levels.

Samsung will most likely add this technology to touchscreen devices

Samsung’s patent is one of the most interesting in recent times because it provides a solution for a prooblem that many photographers face on a regular basis. The patent application does not say whether the new camera mode is aimed at Galaxy mobile devices or at the company’s dedicated shooters.

It is worth mentioning that the new technology may be compatible only with touchscreen-enabled device, since it allows users to draw circles on the screen. Anyway, we will find out more information when the South Korean company decides to make an official announcement.

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