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Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera with WiFi and LTE announced


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Samsung Galaxy NX has been officially announced as expected, becoming the world’s first interchangeable lens compact system camera with LTE and WiFi support.

Samsung’s CEO, Shin Jong-Kyun, has recently revealed that the Galaxy and ATIV event on June 20 will also include the company’s next-generation mirrorless camera powered by the Android operating system.

samsung-galaxy-nx-camera Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera with WiFi and LTE announced News and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy NX is the first Android camera in the world to support interchangeable lenses, as well as WiFi and LTE.

Samsung Galaxy NX becomes world’s first interchangeable lens camera with WiFi and LTE support

The smartcamera has been officially announced as the Samsung Galaxy NX, a name which has been heard in previous leaks. The South Korean corporation says that this is the first mirrorless interchangeable lens compact system camera to feature both LTE and WiFi.

The company says that the Galaxy NX has been designed with connectivity in mind, as photographers are now looking to be always connected to the internet and LTE data will certainly help them to do so. Moreover, the Android camera also supports 3G, providing even more data coverage since LTE is not available across the world.

Sticking true to its Android roots, the connectivity department also includes Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS / A-GPS with GLONASS support, the latter allowing photographers to add geo-tagging information to their photos.

samsung-galaxy-nx-android-camera Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera with WiFi and LTE announced News and Reviews

Samsung Galaxy NX features a large 4.8-inch touchscreen on its back. It supports all Android apps, it allows users to edit photos, and everything can be done using this gorgeous display.

Samsung Galaxy NX camera specs list includes 20.30-megapixel APS-C sensor

Samsung Galaxy NX specs list has been fully disclosed. It includes a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor, DRIMe IV image processing engine and 1.6GHz quad-core processor to power everyday Android tasks, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, and a 4.8-inch LCD 1280 x 768 touchscreen.

The specs go further with full HD video recording at 25 frames per second, continuous mode of up to 8.6fps, Advanced Hybrid Auto Focus System, a fast shutter speed of 1/6000th of a second, built-in 16GB memory with microSD card slot of up to 64GB, and 2GB RAM.

The Android-powered camera gets its juice from a 4,360mAh battery, which should allow users to use applications or play games, take photos, edit them, and even upload them on social networking websites.

samsung-galaxy-nx-lenses Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera with WiFi and LTE announced News and Reviews

Samsung’s latest Android-powered camera supports all of the company’s NX-mount lenses.

Next-gen Android camera supports all Samsung NX-mount lenses

Samsung has revealed that the device is compatible with all NX lenses, including the 45mm f/1.8 2D/3D, which has been announced earlier this year. A special function, called True 3D Creator, will assist photographers in capturing 3D shots.

The Galaxy NX runs on the usual Android user interface, though it will feature a special 30 Smart Mode selector. The scenes are full of artistic modes, such as Multi Exposure which captures the same image twice, but at different exposures and then merges them together. Animated Photo is also interesting as it takes several shots and creates a 5-second animated GIF file.

The IL CSC does not feature built-in image stabilization, meaning that users will have to rely on the lenses for that or get a tripod. However, an electronic viewfinder is there, just like Live View mode. A hot shoe mount can take an external flash and will be useful for photographers who feel that the integrated lighting is not enough.

samsung-galaxy-nx-top-view Samsung Galaxy NX Android camera with WiFi and LTE announced News and Reviews

Samsung has added a more prominent DSLR-like grip to its Android-powered camera, allowing photographers to better handle the device.

Samsung to release Galaxy NX in the UK this summer, US availability remains unknown

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy NX release date has not been announced for the United States market. For now, it has been revealed that the camera will become available in the United Kingdom sometime this summer.

The price has not been mentioned for either regions, therefore the South Korean company is leaving many photographers in the world of doubt.

Meanwhile, the original Samsung Galaxy Camera has suffered a huge price drop, as Amazon is selling it for $360, down from $999, and Adorama is charging $449 for the same device.

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