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Samsung NX mini camera announced for selfie enthusiasts


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Samsung has announced the world’s thinnest and lightest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, called NX mini, which has been designed especially for “selfie” enthusiasts.

A camera that has been leaked recently has just become official. Samsung has introduced a new mirrorless interchangeable lens system, which is actually the thinnest and lightest of its kind. The new Samsung NX mini, formerly known as NXF1, measures only 22.5mm in thickness, contrary to previous reports that it would measure 9mm.

Samsung NX mini sports a new lens mount which has forced the South Korean manufacturer to unveil three new lenses, too. One of them will be released this summer, whereas the other two of them will be launched along with the MILC in April.

Samsung NX mini is the selfie camera which captures photos when you wink at it

samsung-nx-mini Samsung NX mini camera announced for selfie enthusiasts News and Reviews

Samsung NX mini is the thinnest and lightest mirrorless camera in the world. It has been designed for people who like to capture selfies.

One of the most popular trends of recent times consists of the “selfie” one. People are capturing photos of themselves in order to show off what they are wearing, how they look at a specific time, or wherever they may be, then upload the shots on social networking websites.

In order to appeal to this category of consumers, Samsung NX mini features a 3-inch swiveling LCD touchscreen. The display on the back tilts up by 180 degrees, so that users can capture a photo from an arm’s length distance.

Capturing everything in the frame will be easy thanks to the 9mm and 9-27mm lenses that will be available as bundles. After taking the photos, they can be easily transferred to a mobile device via WiFi or NFC and shared on social sites.

If an arm’s length is not enough, then Samsung has developed a so-called “Wink Shot” feature. Users have to set the camera on a tripod or anywhere it can remain in a fixed position, enter the frame, wink at the camera, and the NX mini will capture a photo after two seconds.

New Nikon 1-series competitor sports 20.5-megapixel image sensor

samsung-nx-mini-rear Samsung NX mini camera announced for selfie enthusiasts News and Reviews

Samsung NX mini has a 3-inch touchscreen on its back that tilts up by 180 degrees.

Samsung NX mini will most likely compete against Nikon’s 1-series cameras. It features a 20.5-megapixel 1-inch-type BSI CMOS image sensor, similar to that of the Nikon 1-series models.

It can capture 6fps in continuous shooting mode, which is slower than the Nikon 1 V3’s 20fps continuous mode. Its maximum shutter speed is identical to that of its competitor, reaching 1/16000th of a second, being useful in fast-action or sports photography.

The ISO range stands between 160 and 12,800, although the sensitivity can be extended between 100 and 25,600. The Samsung NX mini autofocus system consists of 21 focus points and another thing worth mentioning is that professionals can capture RAW photos in order to edit them at a later time.

The new mirrorless camera records full HD videos at 30fps and it features USB 2.0 and HDMI ports so that they can be transferred to a computer or viewed directly on a TV.

World’s thinnest and lightest mirrorless camera coming in April with two new lenses

samsung-nx-m-9mm-f3.5-ed Samsung NX mini camera announced for selfie enthusiasts News and Reviews

Samsung NX-M 9mm f/3.5 ED lens offers a 35mm equivalent of 24mm and is coming in April for $449 in a bundle with the NX mini.

Samsung says that the camera weighs only 196 grams / 6.91 ounces with the batteries included, while measuring 110 x 62 x 22.5mm / 4.33 x 2.44 x 0.91-inches.

NX mini will become available in April for a price of $449 with a 9mm f/3.5 ED lens that offers a 35mm equivalent of 24mm. The 9mm f/3.5 optic will also be sold separately for $179.

samsung-nx-m-9-27mm-f3.5-5.6-ed-ois Samsung NX mini camera announced for selfie enthusiasts News and Reviews

Samsung NX-M 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens will cost $549 in a bundle also consisting of the NX mini camera and an external flash.

The camera will also be released with a 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 ED OIS lens and an external flash kit for $549. This lens sports optical image stabilization and provides a 35mm equivalent of 24-73mm. Those who want to purchase the 9-27mm separately will be able to do so for $279.

The South Korea-based company will release a 17mm lens with a 35mm equivalent of 45mm sometime this summer for a “to-be-determined” price, Samsung said.

Since these lenses are a part of the new NX-M mount, an NX-M mount adapter will be released soon, allowing users to mount NX lenses on their NX mini.

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