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Samsung NX-R photos show up on the web


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The mirrorless camera known as the Samsung NX-R has decided to show its face for the first time, revealing a pretty uncanny color and a pair of interchangeable lenses.

Samsung has stockpiled a lot of cash, thanks to the emergence of the Android operating system. The company is selling dozens of millions of Android-powered smartphones and tablets, therefore it can focus on other industries, as well.

Since the camera industry is in a rough shape at the moment, Samsung is taking a closer look at the mirrorless segment instead of placing big bets in all fields. The latest device is the NX2000, a shooter which offers NFC, WiFi, 20.3-megapixel image sensor, and a 3.7-inch touchscreen with a custom user interface.

samsung-nx-r-photos Samsung NX-R photos show up on the web Rumors

Samsung NX-R mirrorless camera features WiFi and should become official soon.

Samsung NX-R photos leaked online, after the camera received WiFi certification

Well, the South Korean company is preparing to release another mirrorless camera, which will be called Samsung NX-R. The name of the apparatus has been leaked on a few occasions, but little information has made it all the way to the surface.

One of the things that are certainties consists of its built-in WiFi capability. The corporation has received WiFi certifications from the regulators, along with another device called EX2F. However, neither of them has been officially announced yet.

samsung-nx-r-rumors Samsung NX-R photos show up on the web Rumors

Samsung NX-R comes packed in a striking color that may or may not appeal to the customers. It is very likely that more color options will be offered, but it is a nice attempt from Samsung to be different from the rest.

Samsung NX-R camera will support the company’s series of lenses for mirrorless cameras

The couple of leaked photos do not show any major information. We know that the camera will support interchangeable lenses and that at least two of them will be compatible with the NX-R.

The first lens is the 16mm prime, while the other one is a 20-50mm zoom optic. It would be interesting to find out which one of them will be offered in the standard kit and how much it will cost, but there are no details about pricing at this point.

Few details leaked, but official announcement should not be too far away

Samsung NX-R will feature a hot shoe, which will allow photographers to attach external accessories, such as a flash gun or a viewfinder.

Anyway, as the camera’s images have been leaked, it is very likely that the South Korea-based company will reveal the device sometime in the following weeks.

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