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Samsung NX1 details confirmed by trusted source


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Samsung is once again rumored to announce a new flagship NX-mount mirrorless camera, called NX1, which will feature an amazing autofocus system and which will be aimed at professional photographers.

The name of Samsung NX1 has been mentioned multiple times within the rumor mill. Each time we have heard something about it, sources have pointed out that this is a high-end camera designed for professionals.

As the Photokina 2014 is nearing quickly, similar things have been said once again. A DPReview user, who has revealed multiple accurate details in the past, is claiming that the NX1 is not intended for “light users”, instead being aimed at “professional / advanced users”.

samsung-nx30 Samsung NX1 details confirmed by trusted source Rumors

Samsung NX30 is the current flagship NX-mount camera. However, this status will be claimed by the Samsung NX1 at the Photokina 2014 event this September.

More Samsung NX1 details leaked ahead of launch: this camera will be a “great AF performer”

The source has also confirmed some previously-leaked Samsung NX1 details. It appears that the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will definitely be based on the company’s second-generation Phase Detection Autofocus technology.

One of the most impressive things of this device will be its AF performance, which is said to be great. Earlier this year, a different source has pointed out the fact that the upcoming NX-mount flagship camera will feature the best AF system in its class.

Additionally, the NX1 is supposed to offer the best electronic viewfinder when compared to its competitors, but the user has been unable to verify this information.

The new source is claiming that the Samsung NX1 will feature a brand new image sensor and image processor. The combination will dramatically increase the image quality in order to meet the demands of professional photographers.

Samsung NX1 will not be based on a “retro style”, as a modern design has been chosen instead

One myth which has been debunked by user “redcrow” consists of the Samsung NX1’s design. On a previous basis, it has been reported that this mirrorless camera will look like the Mamiya 6. However, this is now said to be untrue, as the new shooter will not sport a retro style.

It remains to be seen who is right and who is wrong. The good thing is that everybody agrees that the South Korean corporation will introduce this device in the near future and that it will be present at Photokina 2014.

It is worth noting that the camera is expected to become official before the world’s largest digital imaging event, so we will find out everything that there is to know about the Samsung NX1 very soon. Stay tuned!

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