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Samsung NX1-LX 4K camera rumored to be in development


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Samsung is allegedly working on a special NX1 version, which could make it onto the market with an improved specs list when compared to the current flagship NX-mount camera.

At the Photokina 2014 event, Samsung introduced a new flagship NX-mount camera in order to compete against the big boys of the mirrorless world. The South Korean maker put a lot of exciting features into the device, such as a 28-megapixel sensor, 4K video recording, 15fps burst mode, and 205-point autofocus system.

At the CP+ 2015 event, the company announced the NX500, which consisted of a lower-end version of the NX1. The NX500 retains the wireless and 4K capabilities of the NX1, but its specs list is less impressive and has a price to match it.

If you go down, then you can also go up, so the company is reportedly testing an improved version of the NX1, which goes by the name of Samsung NX1-LX.

samsung-nx1 Samsung NX1-LX 4K camera rumored to be in development Rumors

Samsung could be working on a evolution of the NX1 mirrorless camera, called NX1-LX, which could provide even more video-centric features.

Samsung NX1-LX mirrorless camera is rumored to be a special version of the NX1

Higher-end cameras, such as the NX1, have a long life ahead of them. Usually, companies do not launch enhanced versions of their best products so soon after their launch. Nevertheless, Samsung is testing a special version of the NX1.

It appears that the company wants to find whether or not it is feasible to release a better NX1 on the market. The device in question is called Samsung NX1-LX and is focused on the video aspect of the existing mirrorless camera.

There is no expected release date because the South Korean manufacturer is only testing the product, so it may never become available.

Leaked specs list suggests that the NX1-LX will offer more features for videographers

The Samsung NX1-LX camera will not be a major improvement over the NX1 and photographers might not like it because it will employ a sensor with fewer megapixels.

The pixel count is unknown, but the sensor is said to offer 4K video recording at 60fps with full-sensor readout. Although the NX1 also supports full-sensor readout at 4K, its maximum frame rate stands at 30fps.

The new sensor will also offer 1.5 stops more dynamic range and a higher ISO sensitivity than the NX1, which provides an extended range of 51,200 ISO.

NX1 features a tilting display, but the Samsung NX1-LX will come packed with a fully articulated display. Additionally, a dedicated LED lamp for video recording could be released alongside the NX1-LX.

Finally, it seems like the design will suffer some changes, too. The NX1-LX will be about 10% lighter than the NX1 and it will have a distinct grip. This is exciting news for videographers, but there is a long way to go before becoming official. Stay close to Camyx for more details!

Source: MirrorlessRumors.

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