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Samsung NX3300 camera to be announced before CP+ 2015


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Beside the NX500, Samsung is preparing to introduce the NX3300 soon, an upper-entry-level mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that will replace the NX3000.

It appears that Samsung is skipping past a few iterations when it comes to its NX-mount mirrorless cameras as the NX300 and NX300M will be succeeded by the NX500. The photos, specs, and price details of the NX500 have already showed up on the web and the device is expected to become official soon.

However, the South Korean company will announce another mirrorless interchangeable lens shooter. It is called Samsung NX3300 and will serve as a replacement for the NX3000. The camera will be launched in the near future, possibly a few days before the start of CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015.

samsung-nx3300-rumor Samsung NX3300 camera to be announced before CP+ 2015 Rumors

This is the Samsung NX3300, which will be announced soon. The camera has been registered officially in Indonesia, mentioned by Samsung Italy, and released for pre-order in the Netherlands.

Samsung NX3300 mirrorless camera to be unveiled as part of the CP+ 2015 event

Industry watchers were expecting Samsung to reveal the NX4000 or the NX3100 being launched as a replacement for the NX3000. The first model of the upper-entry-level series was the NX2000, which was substituted by the NX3000.

The next step in the development of this line-up was supposed  to be the NX4000 and some said that it could be replaced by the NX3100. However, the Samsung NX3300 will come out on top as the NX3000 successor and we will be hearing more about it sometime in the near future.

This device is allegedly coming as part of the CP+ 2015 event, which means that we can expect it to become official before the start of this important digital imaging show in mid-February.

Samsung NX3300 has already been mentioned on some official channels

Until the Samsung NX3300 gets revealed, the mirrorless camera has had its fair share of official mentions. The shooter has been registered on the website of an Indonesian agency, called Postel. This means that NX3300 is the name of the device.

Moreover, it has been mentioned on Samsung’s Italian website, which means that the device will be released on the market across the world.

Finally, the entry-level camera has been spotted on the website of a Dutch store at a price of €499 with a 16-50mm lens kit. This means that the NX3300 is very close to its release date, just like the rumor mill is claiming, and that it could cost around $500 in the US.

This is a situation similar to that of its predecessor, as the NX3000 + 16-50mm lens kit had a launch price of $529.99. For the time being, this combination is priced around $410 at Amazon.

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