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Samsung SC1 concept camera features a detachable display


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A designer from the Samsung Art & Design Institute has unveiled the Samsung Smart Camera 1, a concept camera with impressive abilities.

Samsung has already released a smart camera called Galaxy Camera. It was named like this because it does everything that a conventional shooter can do, but it is powered by the Android operating system. This means that it can run applications and games, allowing photographers to have fun on the way to a photo shoot.

Samsung SC1 concept camera by designer Rich Park

The South Korean manufacturer is always open to new ideas and many good things came out of the Samsung Art & Design Institute. The latest project comes from designer Rich Park, who came up with a new vision for the company’s smart camera lineup.

The concept shooter is called Smart Camera 1 and it was designed to take advantage of most smart technologies available in conventional mobile devices. It is actually a mirrorless camera and, most likely, it will be compatible with the company’s lenses for this line of products.

Park’s Samsung Smart Camera 1 features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing photographers to connect their smartphone to the camera. The reason for that is not specified, but it may have something to do with the potential ability of controlling the settings through a mobile phone.

The designer has not specified the operating system on which the camera will be running, but we can assume that he was thinking about Android, as Tizen and Windows Phone are still “too young” to control a digital camera.

That “retro” look ensured by the aluminum body

The camera’s controls and body are made out of aluminum, in order to provide that “high-tech” look, which never goes out of style. However, ensuring a good grip requires rubberized grips to be added in front of the camera.

Samsung SC1’s most important feature consists of dual-screen support. Two screens are better than one and they will allow photographers to access the settings faster and easier. The “detachable” display may be used to show the map, the images list, or it may even be used as a remote control.

For the time being, this is nothing more than a concept, but it would not be surprising if Samsung found a way to implement this design into future generations of the Galaxy Camera lineup.

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