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Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens becomes official


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Samyang has introduced a new bright lens, called 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS, for mirrorless cameras alongside a special version for videographers.

One of the most popular third-party lens makers in the world, Samyang, promised that it will reveal a bunch of lenses this summer. So far, the company, which also uses the Rokinon branding, is keeping its promises.

Without much further ado, lo and behold the Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens. It has been designed for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and is expected to become available on the market within a few weeks.

Samyang introduces 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS manual focus lens

The one reason why third-party lenses have become so popular in recent years is because they offer great value for the money. Tests have shown that, in some cases, third-party lenses deliver an even better image quality than the ones made by Canon or Nikon for example.

samyang-35mm-f1.2-ed-as-umc-cs-lens Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens becomes official News and Reviews

Samyang’s 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens will deliver a full-frame equivalent of 52.5mm when mounted on APS-C cameras and 70mm when mounted on MFT cameras.

For the time being, we cannot make a judgement on how good the new Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens is, but here is what the company says it can do. The manual focus lens has been designed to brighten up your photos, thanks to its maximum aperture of f/1.2.

The aperture will also offer a shallow depth of field and bokeh, as it highlights the subjects with accuracy. It can be used for portrait, street, landscape, and food photography types among others.

Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens expected to show up on the market this September

Samyang claims that this standard prime lens offers great performance thanks to its design. The distance from the sensor to the glass is like no other on the market and it makes sure that lights flows gracefully through the whole system for the best image quality possible.

The internal design of the Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens includes nine elements split in seven groups. Two elements are aspherical, thus reducing flaws and chromatic aberrations that would have a negative impact on optical performance.

samyang-35mm-t1.3-as-umc-cs-lens Samyang 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS lens becomes official News and Reviews

Samyang 35mm T1.3 AS UMC CS lens is the cine version and it comes with a de-clicked aperture.

This lens features a smooth focus ring. It is worth noting that the cine version, namely Samyang 35mm T1.3 AS UMC CS lens also employs a follow focus gear ring as well as a de-clicked aperture ring, ensuring silent focusing when shooting movies.

Both optics are pretty compact and lightweight, but the dimensions vary slightly depending on mount. Speaking of which, the lenses will be released in Canon M, Fujifilm X, Sony E, and Micro Four Thirds versions. The pair will be released this September for unknown price tags.

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