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Samyang to launch three more XEEN cine primes in early 2016


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Samyang has confirmed that it will announce three more XEEN-series cine prime lenses, while the rumor mill has revealed the possible focal length of the upcoming optics.

Professional videographers were greeted by a new line-up of pro-grade cine primes at the beginning of this week. Samyang introduced three XEEN lenses consisting of professional cine primes designed to cover full-frame image sensors.

This will not be the end of it as Samyang has officially confirmed that three more XEEN lenses will be unveiled soon. In the meantime, insiders have revealed some possible focal lengths of the upcoming optics, which will be revealed sometime in early 2016.

samyang-xeen-cine-lens-line-up Samyang to launch three more XEEN cine primes in early 2016 Rumors

Three new Samyang XEEN cine lenses will be unveiled in early 2016 to join the recently-unveiled 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm T1.5 lenses.

Samyang confirms that three more XEEN cine primes will be released in early 2016

The press release for the Rokinon-branded XEEN cine primes has been formatted differently in some countries. DicaHub, a Korean website, has revealed the Korean version that invites people to stay tuned in order to “meet 3 more Xeen lenses” soon.

The announcement reads that three new primes will be introduced in early 2016. However, the exact launch date or any other details about the optics have not been mentioned.

From the image posted there, we can see that there will be a wide-angle lens, a lens with a focal length located between 24mm and 50mm, and a telephoto optic. While the official information is still months away, we have to turn to the rumor mill for more details.

14mm/16mm, 35mm, and 100mm/135mm are Samyang’s upcoming pro cine primes

Trusted sources are reporting that the aforementioned wide-angle XEEN cine prime will have a focal length of 14mm or 16mm. The former is more popular these days, so it has a better chance of being released on the market.

The second unit will be a 35mm lens. This is another popular focal length and any line-up created for professional videography must include a 35mm lens. The third product will be a 100mm or 135mm lens. This time, the latter is the more popular and it finds itself in pole-position for the race.

All three models are expected to have a maximum aperture of T1.5, just like the already-announced 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm XEEN cine primes. The current models are each priced at $2,495. It remains to be seen whether or not the future products will have the same price tag.

What do you think about Samyang’s professional cine prime line-up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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