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Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger controls Canon cameras via iPhone


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Satechi has begun selling the Bluetooth Smart Trigger, an accessory for DSLRs which allows users to control their cameras using an iPhone.

Satechi creates all kinds of interesting accessories for a broad range of devices. The latest product of the company is called a Bluetooth Smart Trigger. It is aimed at iOS device and Canon camera users because it allows them to control their shooters or camcorders right from an iPhone or iPad.

satechi-bluetooth-smart-trigger-canon-iphone Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger controls Canon cameras via iPhone News and Reviews

Satechi’s Bluetooth Smart Trigger allows iPhone users to control their cameras from a distance of up to 50 feet.

Bluetooth Smart Trigger available for Canon camera and iPhone owners now

The BT Smart Trigger can be mounted on the hot shoe of a DSLR. From there, it can be connected to your Canon shooter through a regular USB cable. After that, the accessory provides Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities for your camera.

This trigger is supported by all Bluetooth 4.0 devices. However, users are going to need an application to control their cameras.

For the time being, a Satechi’s Smart Trigger app is available for most iOS devices, but only the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and iPad 3 will support it because they feature a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset.

According to the manufacturer, an application for Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II users will become available for download this March.

satechi-bluetooth-4.0-smart-trigger-canon-camera-iphone Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger controls Canon cameras via iPhone News and Reviews

Satechi’s Smart Trigger connects Canon cameras and iPhones through Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Its battery can last up to 10 years, enough time for photographers to capture many amazing time-lapses or long-exposure photos.

Battery life can last for up to 10 years

Bluetooth 4.0 technology consumes very little power. This means that the battery life may last up to 10 years, while Satechi says that the battery is sure to last for at least two years, depending on usage.

Great accessory for time-lapse photography

The Smart Trigger comes packed with support for three modes including Regular Shot, Manual Shot, and Timed Shot. It works from a range of up to 50 feet, which is not much, but will prove to be enough for most photographers.

The first is intended for taking normal group shots, the second is aimed at long-exposure photography, including light painting, and the third is designed for time-lapse photography.

Unfortunately, the accessory will not act as a live view display for Canon cameras and it is unlikely that this feature will become available in the near future.

Immediate availability and decent pricing

Satechi is selling the Bluetooth Smart Trigger at the company’s online store or through select retailers for a price of $44.99.

There is a long list of supported Canon cameras, including 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 7D, the EOS-1D and EOS 1Ds ranges.

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