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SeaViewer to supply HD cameras for F5 Robotics’ DiveBot underwater ROV


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F5 Robotics has released further details about the DiveBot, a robot which will be able to record HD videos underwater.

It has been three days since the last time we have heard about DiveBot. The company looking to manufacture the underwater remotely operated vehicle has unveiled more information about its IndieGogo project.

f5-robotics-divebot-seaviewer-seadrop-950 SeaViewer to supply HD cameras for F5 Robotics' DiveBot underwater ROV News and Reviews

F5 Robotics and SeaViewer announced a partnership that will bring the SeaDrop 950 HD camera into DiveBot.

F5 Robotics and SeaViewer partnership to bring SeaDrop 950 HD cameras to DiveBot

According to F5 Robotics, the company has partnered with SeaViewer, in order to include the SeaDrop 950 camera in DiveBot. SeaDrop 950 is an underwater camera used by fishermen, swimmers, and divers to record HD videos.

It was chosen to feature in the DiveBot thanks to its “superior quality, extensive track record and cost effective design”, said F5 Robotics. As the DiveBot will cost as much as $1,300, a big chunk of this amount will be spent on the SeaDrop 950, which is currently available for $595.

According to its manufacturer, SeaDrop 950 can withstand the pressure practiced by depths of 1,000 feet. SeaViewer confirmed that the camera underwent extensive testing in pressure chambers and that the lens was specially designed to not take any damage during underwater filming.

The company added that the device itself will not be affected by condensation because the electronic area was filled with inert gas.

SeaViewer’s SeaDrop 950 has a history of recording TV programs

Such cameras were used by several media organizations for underwater documentaries. The History Channel made use of the SeaDrop 950 to film the “Boneless Beast” series, in the search for a giant octopus.

Although SeaViewer’s camcorder supports infrared light, F5 Robotics did not confirm whether it will include an infrared illuminant in DiveBot.

Unfortunately, DiveBot may not come to the market after all. At the time of writing this article, the company raised only CA$25 out of CA$7,500. This is the same amount raised three days ago when we first reported the story. However, there are 26 days left and the company is constantly updating the page, so new donors may be attracted by the added benefits.

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