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Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Software Used: Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: Bag of Tricks Photoshop Actions, Fusion Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: First, I have to say it was really hard for me to purchase any photoshop actions; however, I’m so glad I did. MCP actions are such a great tool to help create beautiful images and save enormous amounts of time. I use MCP actions some way or another for every photo I take or post process.

In the photo above I used MCP actions Bag of Tricks: Magic Midtone Lifter and Magic Color Finder (intense) and Fusion Rustic, and then converted to B&W. When editing my images I like to go through the actions I have purchased (which are all from MCP) to see the creative effect it will have and then I use those actions I picked for the rest of the photos in that session (if all in same location). I always open each of my images in photoshop and first clean the face(s) up with Photoshop tools, then I run the MCP actions that I have chosen to use and adjust opacity and/or use layer mask (Very Important) to lightly add or take away from a action. Then I finish with my own little twists.

I wish MCP would develop an action to help with my writing.

Long story short I am a graphic designer graduate with 7 years on the job experience and would say I’m highly skilled in mostly all adobe products. I love having total control of all my photos and work so someone else’s work flow was a hard purchase for me….I’m so glad I did!!! MCP actions save me sooooo much time in editing photos and has had fantastic result!!! So no matter what skill level your at as a photographer I highly recommend any of the actions MCP offers.

I’m sorry….I know how bad written that all was but I’m such a bad writer and my wife is not around to proof!


Image Title: Hall’s Little Angel
By: Michael Zarogoza
Studio: Savvie Photography & Design

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