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DSC_7045_Original-scaled Fresh Edits Using Free Actions


DSC_7045_Edit_MCP-scaled Fresh Edits Using Free Actions

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used:[amazon_link id=”B0042X9LCO” target=”_blank” ]Nikon D7000 [/amazon_link]
ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO 250, f/ 2.5, Shutter Speed 1/3200
Software Used: Elements
Actions/Presets Used: Bag of Tricks Photoshop Actions, Fusion Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: I tried out Mini Fusion and Touch of Light/Touch of Dark. The steps I took:
*Removed the Chromatic Abbrasion from the edges of the butterfly using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Level and Channels-I altered blues and magentas
*Levels only-adjusted to my taste
*Mini Fusion: Deeper 40%
*Hazy 30%
*Pink Cadallic 60%
*On Cloud Nine 29%
*Touch of Light/Touch of Dark: light and dark to highlight and edges
*Slight matte finish using Levels Output Slide-left slider moved to about 20


Image Title: Butterflies and Cherry Blossoms
By: Susan Watts
Studio: Susan Watts Photography LLC

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