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Mixed Process Black and White


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before2-1 Mixed Process Black and White


after2-1 Mixed Process Black and White

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used: [amazon_link id=”B007FGYZFI” target=”_blank” ]Canon EOS 5D Mark III [/amazon_link], Canon 70-200mm 2.8
ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO 400, f6, 1/160
Software Used: Lightroom, Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: Enlighten Lightroom Presets, Fusion Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: Edited with LR:
2c soft and bright b&w
d2 shadows: medium brighten
Cropped and straightened
Then I took it into CS6:
MCP Dodge Ball and Shade tool to adjust the light and dark areas on the photo.
Clone tool to remove some of the unwanted elements in the photo. (light stand ect.)


Image Title: My Heart is Always with You
By: Lindsey Egbert
Studio: Arctic Owl Photography

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