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Spring and Summer Actions for Floral Edit


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pink-cosmos-mcp-before-1-of-1 Spring and Summer Actions for Floral Edit


pink-cosmos-mcp-edit-1-of-1 Spring and Summer Actions for Floral Edit

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO 100 F 5.6 SS 1/1600
Software Used: Lightroom, Elements
Actions/Presets Used: Four Seasons Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: Adjustments made in LR (Lens correction, increase exposure) then moved to PSE11. Clone out extra flower buds first then used from Four Seasons: Sharpie, Dreamy at 78%, Orchid at 64%, Chiffon at 68%, Splash of light, Summer burn and green pastures on the green stem & finished with Sheer Spring Haze. The background was a blown out sky so I also used a white brush to touch up areas that were not quite white. Increased the canvas size to off set the flower.


Image Title: Reaching for the sky
By: Sue Zellers

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