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Studio Photography with Newborn Necessities


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M48A4871-before-cropped Studio Photography with Newborn Necessities


M48A4871-after-cropped Studio Photography with Newborn Necessities

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used:[amazon_link id=”B007FGYZFI” target=”_blank” ]Canon EOS 5D Mark III [/amazon_link] / EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: 1/160 sec; f/4.0; ISO 100
Software Used: Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: Fusion Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: I cloned mom and dad out using Photoshop’s Refine Edge tool. After that the following actions were applied:
Decrease Exposure 30% (Newborn Necessities)
Crying for Contrast 25% (Newborn Necessities)
Hush the Reds 15% (Newborn Necessities)
Paint on Grey Fix 20% (Newborn Necessities)
Paint on Jaundice Fix 30% (Newborn Necessities)
Paint on Red Fix 20% (Newborn Necessities)
Sentimental 20% (Fusion)
Peachy 50% (Fusion)
Peach Fuzz 25% (Newborn Necessities)
Eyes Wide Open: Brightener 31% (Newborn Necessities)
Sharp Eyelashes 39% (Newborn Necessities)
Natural Vignette 53% (Newborn Necessities)
Night Light 12% (Newborn Necessities)


Image Title: A newborn boy and his dog. Newborn Necessities applied to studio photography.
By: Lauree Schloss
Studio: Lauree Jane Photography

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