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Subtle Changes With Freebies


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IMG_2014-scaled Subtle Changes With Freebies


2014mark-scaled Subtle Changes With Freebies

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used: Canon EOS Rebel T3, Nifty 50 lens
Software Used: Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: MCP’s Free Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: I first adjusted the color levels slightly and also upped the contrast and brightness as well. I then used Touch of Light , Touch of Darkness around his face with a brush opacity at 30%. Next I used Mini Fusion and selected On Cloud Nine for the tone of the photo. Finally I finished off the photo with a MCP Burnt Edges I.


Image Title: Baby Blues
By: Alyssa Ripley
Studio: Alyssa Marie Photography

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