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Tricks and Details For Emerging From the Deep


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before-1 Tricks and Details For Emerging From the Deep


EvaRevfb-1 Tricks and Details For Emerging From the Deep

Photo Equipment & MCP Actions™ Products Used

Camera and Lens Used: canon 5d, 24-105mm
ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed: ISO 640, f/5, ss 1/10
Software Used: Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: All in the Details Photoshop Actions, Bag of Tricks Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: This is a photo I did of a cast member of a production of Beowulf. This is Grendel’s mother, who is half human, half monster, and lives in the water. I decided to photograph her in my bathtub, using water with milk added to make it murky. I smeared her face with mud from my garden, and we laughed our heads off and pretended we were in a fancy spa. I told her it was imported all the way from Peru.

In post processing, I added two different textures, which were pictures of a stone wall and a cracked ceiling. I added these on a soft light layer, and reduced the opacity to about 60% each, and then masked off where I didn’t want them.

Then I used MCP’s eye doctor from the Bag of Tricks action set to make the eyes pop, and a little bit on her eyebrows and bangs as well. I then used MCP’s hide and seek action from All in the Details action set. I used this a lot, all over the image, to bring depth and darken certain areas, and to highlight and brighten others. It’s amazing how paying attention to small details, like darkening eyebrows and lashes and other natural shadows on the face, while lightening and highlighting skin and hair can really bring out an image.

Finally, I used the reflected color cast vanisher from the Bag of Tricks action set. This is meant to help with color cast issues, but I often use it for other things instead. In this case, I used it to subtly change the color of the seaweed and sticks that I had added to the water.


Image Title: Emerging from the Deep
By: Holly Hyde
Studio: Posy Creative

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