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Sigma FE-mount lenses are not in development, company says


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A Sigma representative has confirmed that the Japanese company has no plans to develop and launch lenses for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras with full frame image sensors.

Sigma is the developer of a camera series with a rather interesting sensor called Foveon X3. This image sensor uses three layers of pixels, one for each of the red, green, and blue colors. However, the Japan-based corporation is better known for launching high-quality lenses at affordable prices aimed at other camera makers.

Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and other manufacturers are graced by the presence of Sigma lenses in their line-ups. However, Sigma has ignored one of Sony’s series, the FE-mount one, and, according to one of its managers, the company does not have any plans to change this aspect in the near future.

sigma-lens-line-up Sigma FE-mount lenses are not in development, company says Rumors

These are just a few examples of the Sigma lens line-up. A company representative has revealed that Sigma is not planning to port its lenses to the Sony Fe-mount series for the time being.

Sigma says it is not planning to launch lenses for Sony FE-mount cameras in the near future

A source is reporting that Sigma’s Paul Pizzano has been contacted regarding the matter of the development of lenses for Sony E-mount cameras with full frame sensors.

According to the company’s manager, Sigma FE-mount lenses are not in the works and there are no immediate plans to release such products.

Mr. Pizzano has not claimed that this stance will never change, merely claiming that the Japanese maker will not launch lenses for Sony FE-mount cameras in the following months.

Why Sigma FE-mount lenses will not be released soon

The company’s representative has also provided a reason why Sigma FE-mount lenses will not “happen” soon. According to Pizzano, Sony is not providing enough support to this line-up.

He has hinted at the fact that there are too few cameras and lenses in this series, so Sony appears that it is not ready to support this mount. As a result, it would not make sense for Sigma “to invest in it when the parent company seems reluctant to do so”.

Another part of Pizzano’s statement is a bit obscure. He says that Sigma would like to see a full set for Sony FE-mount cameras and lenses being launched on the market “as well as the conversion of their NEX line to the FE mount”.

The “problem” with this statement is that Sony NEX optics (for E-mount cameras with APS-C sensors) are compatible with FE-mount shooters. Well, until further clarification surfaces on the web, it would be best to take this report with a pinch of salt and wait for more details before drawing a conclusion.

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