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Sigma Four Thirds lenses are no longer in development


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Sigma will reportedly stop developing lenses for the Four Thirds system in order to focus on other mounts, kickstarting rumors that the company may also end its Micro Four Thirds lens development.

For a number of years, Sigma has been a part of the Four Thirds group by releasing several lenses for cameras adhering to this standard. When the Micro Four Thirds standard was launched, the third-party lens maker created a few primes for MFT cameras, but all of that might turn into a small page of the company’s history. The rumor mill is claiming that the Japan-based manufacturer has stopped developing Four Thirds optics, while sparking gossips that Micro Four Thirds development could come to an end soon.

sigma-dn-lenses Sigma Four Thirds lenses are no longer in development Rumors

Sigma is selling three DN-series lenses for mirrorless cameras, including Micro Four Thirds models. While new Four Thirds options will never come to the market, there is a chance that Sigma has also stopped Micro Four Thirds lens development.

Development of Sigma Four Thirds lenses rumored to have been cancelled forever

The list of Sigma Four Thirds lenses includes primes and zoom optics offering wide-angle and telephoto focal lengths. The FT system has been dying slowly ever since the introduction of the MFT format by Panasonic and Olympus, so it would not come as a surprise that Sigma has stopped making FT lenses.

An official announcement has not been made, but a lot of people are asking whether that is necessary in a case where facts speak for themselves. Sigma has hardly focused on developing MFT lenses in recent times, which means that there is no reason why it would concentrate on FT optics.

As things stand at this time, do not expect any new Sigma Four Thirds lenses in the future.

Future of Sigma Micro Four Thirds lenses is also in doubt

On the other hand, there is a strong chance that Sigma will no longer make Micro Four Thirds lenses either. The company’s CEO has recently stated that their main focus is the DSLR market, as Canon and Nikon users are the ones bringing them profits.

Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma, added that only after releasing the products demanded by DSLR users, the company will be able to concentrate on the mirrorless market. However, there was no mention of future Micro Four Thirds support.

MFT cameras are mirrorless models, but a Sigma 24mm f/2.8 DN Art lens will allegedly be released this September for Sony E-mount cameras. Once again, there is no mention of a Micro Four Thirds version.

Until Sigma confirms the claims about the Micro Four Thirds system, you should not draw any conclusions. In the meantime, keep an eye on Camyx for future details!

Source: 43rumors.

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