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Sigma SD1 Merrill replacement rumored to be released in 2015


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Sigma is rumored to announce a Foveon-based mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2014, while the SD1 Merrill replacement is allegedly coming sometime in 2015.

For a number of years, the fiercest competition in the DSLR market has been provided by Nikon, Canon, and Sony. As the market is shrinking and sales are dropping, things are about to get even hotter in this segment.

Ricoh has begun releasing more Pentax cameras, while Sigma is reportedly preparing to join the fight with two new cameras, one of which is coming next year and the other one which should hit the store shelves in 2015.

New Sigma mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to become available in 2014

Inside sources are claiming that the new Sigma camera, that will be released in 2014, will be powered by the company’s famous Foveon image sensor. The X3 features a total of 46 megapixels thanks to three layers for each color: red, green, and blue.

The shooter will probably feature the same Foveon X3 sensor like other Sigma devices and which does not have an anti-aliasing filter. Additionally, the camera will be based on a mirrorless design, but there are no words whether the current lenses will support it or not.

Sigma SD1 Merrill replacement to be released in 2015 with new Foveon sensor

sigma-sd1-merrill Sigma SD1 Merrill replacement rumored to be released in 2015 Rumors

The rumor mill says that the Sigma SD1 Merrill might be replaced by a new DSLR camera in 2015.

The second camera will probably be a DSLR and there are hints pointing to the fact that its image sensor will be bigger than a conventional APS-C unit. Full frame is a possibility and would be an excellent choice for the true heir of the SD1 Merrill.

The sensor will be a new Foveon model that will most likely raise the overall price of the shooter. It is worth reminding that the original SD1 used to cost thousands of dollars in the United States, while the second version, the SD1 Merrill, has been sold for more than $3,000. Hopefully, Sigma will not make the same price choices, as it could really hurt its sales.

Either way, this camera will not be released before 2015 so there is a long way to go and enough time for potential buyers to raise the amount needed to acquire it. In the meantime, the SD1 Merrill is available for $2,099 at Amazon.

Plenty of Sigma lenses to make their way onto the market soon

Sigma is also working on delivering new lenses for DSLR users. At least eight optics are thought to become official next year – four “Art” units and four “Sports” ones.

The 24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.4, 135mm f/1.8, and 24-70mm f/2 are all Art models and could be released in 2014, while the Sports series will be joined by the 300mm f/2.8, 400mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4, and 600mm f/4 lenses.

As usual, take note that this is a rumor and you should take it with a pinch of salt.

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