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Silvia Grav brings back Salvador Dali-like surrealism


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Photographer Silvia Grav is a master at black and white photography, as her portfolio is full of dreamlike scenery.

Many people have said that black and white photography is overrated. They claim that anybody can slap a B&W filter on a photo and call it “art”. However, Silvia Grav proves everybody wrong with her series of surreal B&W imagery.

silvia-grav-clouds Silvia Grav brings back Salvador Dali-like surrealism Exposure

Multiple exposure photography requires a lot of inspiration and Silvia Grav’s clouds are a testimony of the photographer’s creativity. Credits: Silvia Grav. (Click to enlarge).

Silvia Grav takes surreal black and white photography to the next level

Photo-editing tools are now more common than ever, but not all folks have keen eye for art. Not all people know what composition is and how they can use it to improve their photography. This is where people like Silvia Grav step it.

She is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain with a compelling Flick account that consists mostly of black and white images. Her collection includes people fading away in smoke and even skeletons. Some may say it is creepy, but her fans beg to differ.

silvia-grav-waves Silvia Grav brings back Salvador Dali-like surrealism Exposure

Waves can occur in a glass of water, thanks to surrealism. Credits: Silvia Grav. (Click to enlarge).

Salvador Dali himself would appreciate the photographer’s work

Silvia combines elements found in nature, such as waves and clouds, with everyday subjects, like humans and a glass of water. Moreover, the description of the images will get you in the mood for surrealism that will definitely remind you of Salvador Dali himself.

The captions are written in Spanish, but today’s online translators are doing a great job in expressing whatever someone wants to say. In this case, reading and understanding the words is really important because they are providing even more emotions.

silvia-cloud-stars Silvia Grav brings back Salvador Dali-like surrealism Exposure

Surreal black and white photography, which includes a girl and a lot of stars and galaxies. Credits: Silvia Grav. (Click to enlarge).

Fine example of artistic multiple exposure photography

Silvia Grav’s portfolio on Flick also includes not-safe-for-work photos. They may be artistic, but your boss may not appreciate it. Moreover, make sure that you are not looking at them around children either.

It would be interesting to find out where the photographer is getting her ideas and so that everybody could work on his multiple exposure skills. Anyway, you should go ahead and feast your eyes at the photographer’s Flickr page.

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