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SITTP announces Street Photography 2013 contest winners


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The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers (SITTP) has officially revealed the list of winners of the prestigious Street Photography contest.

The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers is holding special contests on a regular basis. The top three photographers have been announced and they will receive their awards in the near future.

Entering the Street Photography competition was easy, as aspiring photographers had to upload their images on SITTP’s official website. The contest was open to anybody in the world.

As usual, the contest offered photography-related prizes, such as a Fujifilm FinePix AX660 compact camera, Trek Tech Optera 230 tabletop tripod, and a one-year membership to the Society. After numerous debates, the SITTP has finally chosen the winners.

SITTP reveals Street Photography 2013 winners

The first place has been grabbed by Agnieszka Furtak, who submitted an inspiring photo of an old man resting on a park bench with a pair of brooms in his hands.

The second place has been taken by Alveraz Ricardez. The photographer was able to come second thanks to a photo of an old man standing in a dumpster and pointing at Alveraz. The story behind the image is unknown, but it is likely that the man is homeless and he is proving what one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

SITTP awarded the third place to Julie Wall, who uploaded another heart-breaking photo, depicting a beggar and his dog.

All three photos are very touching and they represent everything street photography should be. They remind us of how fortunate we are and how unfortunate some people have been.

More than 1,100 images have been submitted to the contest

The judges have had a hard time in choosing the winners, because more than 1,100 pictures have been submitted by photographers worldwide. However, the victors deserve the prizes and we can only hope that they will come back in future contests.

It is worth noting that SITTP’s judges have also chosen 37 “highly commended” images. Any of these could have won the competition, but Agnieszka Furtak prevailed in the end.

The Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographers is currently holding a Transport Photography competition. The contest is open for entries until May 3, 2013, while the winners will be announced shortly after that date.

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