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SLR Magic Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED spotting scope announced


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SLR Magic has released the second generation of its spotting scope, called Monster Lens II, for Micro Four Thirds systems.

SLR Magic has decided that it is the perfect time for a new spotting scope to become available for Micro Four Thirds camera owners. This idea has resulted in the launch of the Monster Lens II lens, a new optic which promises a lot of good things to MFT fans.

monster-lens-ii-12-36x50-ed SLR Magic Monster Lens II 12-36x50 ED spotting scope announced News and Reviews

Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED spotting scope offers a 35mm equivalent of 840-2,520mm.

SLR Magic introduces new Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED spotting scope

The new SLR Magic Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED scope provides high-resolution and bright images, thanks to three important factors. The first is the usage of an extra-low dispersion glass, the second is the bigger eye-relief, while the third consists of the multi-coated glass elements.

All of the key factors mentioned above will give photographers the possibility of shooting impressive photos of very distant objects. The digiscoping lens features a 35mm focal length equivalent of 840-2,520mm, which is quite an impressive treat for such a low price tag, and a 50mm objective aperture.

Availability and price details

According to its manufacturer, the SLR Magic Monster Lens II 12-36×50 ED lens has been scheduled for a June 2013 release date. Its price will stand at $799 in the United States.

For the time being, the company has not announced any availability details for outside the US, but the product should become available in Europe later this year.

Monster Lens II spotting scope features a new MFT adapter objective

Photographers wondering why they should purchase the new version of the lens have to know that the image quality has been greatly improved, when compared to the previous generation.

The new system comes packed with a new adapter objective for Micro Four Thirds cameras, which offers better contrast and sharpness.

Beside being able to capture photos at big distances, the digiscoping lens can also focus at only 15 feet.

SLR Magic claims that the product weighs 45.86 ounces with the MFC adapter. It is waterproof and fog-proof, and it comes packed with an eye relief of 23mm.

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