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Snoop Lion releases Snoopify photo-editing app for iOS and Android devices


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Rapper Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion has released a mobile photo-editing application, called Snoopify, for iOS and Android devices.

Phone cameras have gotten a lot better in recent years, as well as those found in tablets, although they make people look stupid when taking images with them. As a result, photo-editing apps are much more popular than they were years ago.

More developers are releasing more and more image-editing applications, so Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) has decided to release his own tool, despite the fact that he is the last person that many citizens would have deemed capable of creating such an app.

download-snoopify-app Snoop Lion releases Snoopify photo-editing app for iOS and Android devices News and Reviews

Snoop Lion has unveiled his own photo-editing application for iOS and Android devices, called Snoopify. It is available as a free download, allowing users to “swap up” their photos.

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion launches Snoopify, a photo-editing app for iOS and Android

People would not think that Snoop Dogg is capable of developing an application. Well, he is not, but Cashmere Agency, Upper Playground, and 99centbrains have joined forces and they have developed and released Snoopify, which provides a new way of editing your images.

Snoop has recently gone through a major rebranding. It seems like being a “dawg” is not cool anymore, therefore he has decided that he wants to be the king of beasts and he has switched his stage name to Snoop Lion.

The Snoopify application is not a conventional photo-editing tool. It is rather unique, as it allows users to add illustrations containing Snoop-related stuff on their imagery.

Snoopified illustrations can be later shared on social networks

It appears that these illustrations have been created by Munk One and most of them consist of different Snoop Lion poses. However, editors do not have to add the rapper into the photos, as they cam merely put “swaggy” objects on top of whatever it can be seen in the photo.

As with all editing applications, iOS and Android users will have to use their imagination and create unique images, which can be later shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or via email and MMS.

Snoopify application is based on the “freemium” business model

Snoopify is available for download at the iTunes Store and at the Google Play Store for free. However, it is not all roses, since special upgrades will cost $1.

The Snoopify app is considered a so-called “freemium” program because it is free, but it requires in-app purchases to access more content.

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