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Sony 24-70mm E-mount lens coming soon?


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Sony has registered a new E-mount lens at Novocert, which bears the SEL2470GM code, hinting that the company is on the verge of announcing a new 24-70mm zoom lens.

Following the introduction of the FE-mount full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony has placed both E-mount and A-mount series at the end of its priorities’ list. However, a new E-mount MILC with an APS-C sensor is on its way and will be called A6100 or A7000.

The upcoming mirrorless shooter may not come alone and it could be joined by one or more lenses. An optic that could show up could be the SEL2470GM, which has just been registered at Novocert.

The lens is said to consist of a 24-70mm standard zoom and to be made as well as designed by Sony. As a result, the rumor mill is now pretty sure that this optic will become official alongside the A6100 / A7000 in the near future.

sony-sel2470gm-lens Sony 24-70mm E-mount lens coming soon? Rumors

Sony has registered the SEL2470GM on Novocert’s website. This product is a 24-70mm E-mount lens and will be unveiled in the near future.

Sony 24-70mm E-mount lens registered at Novocert

It is not the first time a soon-to-be-released product shows up on Novocert’s website and it will certainly not be the last time. Up until now, this lens evaded the rumor mill’s watchful eyes, so we did not know a single detail about this optic.

Nevertheless, everything has changed and now we know that its codename will be SEL2470GM which indicates that it will be an E-mount lens. Additionally, it will have a focal length range between 24mm and 70mm. Unfortunately, the maximum aperture is unknown for the time being.

The “GM”  designation indicates the fact that it will be a Sony-branded lens which has been designed by the PlayStation maker itself. This means that Zeiss has had nothing to do with it and this would be a first, as the German manufacturer has been involved in creating both the FE-mount and A-mount 24-70mm models.

The application has revealed on one more piece of information: the upcoming Sony 24-70mm E-mount lens will be made in Thailand. Anyway, the A6100 / A7000 is rumored to be unveiled by the end of this month, so we will learn everything there is to know about this standard zoom lens in the near future.

Getting back to the aperture, it is worth noting that the FE-mount version, which costs about $1,100 at Amazon, has a constant f/4 maximum aperture, while the A-mount version, which is available for about $2,000 at Amazon, comes with a constant f/2.8 maximum aperture.

Its announcement is imminent therefore we are inviting to watch out for further details!

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